I love the OneBox feature!

Just put a URL by itself on a line, and it automatically creates a box with the relevant info and image.

You can even put YouTube videos inline in a post.

Quick, easy, and a huge improvement in the quality of posts!

News articles:





Works great!


Yes, that’s a feature I’ve had for some time on another message board I frequent and I like it a great deal.

yes and you dont even have to mess with tags to use them like on the other board that i do you tube repost on …

Inline images have been disallowed, but you can upload images to Discourse, and link to them.


Yacht pic

Simply drag and drop an image from your computer into a post, and it uploads it. But if you try to post you get a message saying images are disallowed.

Workaround: Remove the ! at the beginning of the link and you can put a link to the uploaded image in your post.

Wild!   :upside_down_face:

But it seems that if you link to an image on another site, it will automatically display it:

Yes this does seem a useful feature particularly for posting Youtube videos.

Nice! That’s a fabulous feature. I have to try it out.

Whoa! This is way too cool!!! Sweden thread, here I come. Thanks GreenWyvern !!

Hate it. This is going to chew through my data plan in a week.

I use ublock origin on firefox. In this tab, I only allow content from

Tho only images I see are the avatars. Other images have placeholders, and I can click them to view in a new tab if I want.

I think if you’ll use your ad-blocker to block the element .onebox, it’ll keep all such images from loading.

News I can use:

Easy peasy!

I don’t want to eliminate the onebox entirely. For example, in the nytimes link above, I like seeing the title and the first few lines of the story.

Try blocking .cooked, then. Should get rid of the images while leaving the articles.

ETA: If things start going wonky–buttons not working or something like that–remember that you’ve set a block.

These can be a good enhancement to this Board, if used judiciously and with some restraint. As mentioned elsewhere, we don’t want to fill up the boards with 600x800 images of Captain Picard doing his face-palm. If we can develop a board culture of using these one-boxes where they will actually contribute meaningfully to the conversation at hand, then great.

Nice! Thanks! I’m writing that one down for reference. I’m Ok with the images so far, but if they get out of hand, I’ll have a way around it.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m okay with this in general, but I don’t like how the headline of the linked article is on bigger type than our regular post text. (At least in Sam’s Simple theme).

Our original content — the TEXT of OUR posts — should take visual precedence over everything else.

One workaround might be to spoiler the article. It requires one more click to get the article and one more step to post it, but that’s the same amount of steps in the old system.

True, thanks. I’d rather that posters not have to do that, though. And, it’s useful to have spoilers reserved for the specific reasons we’ve always used them (movie plot points, NSFW links, and long posts that aren’t critical to the poster’s argument).

I’m not asking for a big change. Just making the cited, colored headline smaller — the same size typeface as our posts — would be enough.

Happily, there are different types of spoilers in Discourse, so lots to play with. Maybe one type of spoiler, say blur, for one thing and maybe hide details, for another. (click the gear thingy at the top of the post box)

If you feel strongly about it, maybe you can add it to the thread in site feedback for creating a better theme, One Theme To Rule Them All

[Whoa, that was so cool! All I had to do was copy the link of the other thread after the comma, and the rest was done for me. This is going to save me tons of time posting here. I’m liking it.]

Thanks! Yes, I did post my opinion on this in the One Theme to Rule Them All thread.