I love the SDMB


How would that work?


And our Mods! Where else is a message board blessed with the Luminous Ones, who shine like a golden shaft when all around is darkness! Let’s all send them some money!

I use it but I don’t inhale

How much money are we supposed to send the mods?

All of it.

In my case that will buy one of them lunch. If not too hungry.

I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


I don’t know, but I’m guessing you’ll need a new monitor after.

The SDMB needs to keep it’s hand off my thigh, you still have to kiss me first.

(shameless plug)
How many of you guys love it enough to send in a picture for your fellow dopers to gawk at?

I like this board too. I’ve learned a lot of stuff here.

It was great on the first date…

I not only love the SDMB, I respect it. More than ever.

As to the mods, I’d prefer they send ME money; they don’t need it like I do. Unless they intend to fund the transportation costs incurred by Siam Sam.


Cyril Connolly!

I wish y’all wouldn’t leave Python “trigger words” for me to find! :smiley:


As long as it’s small bills, unmarked, we ain’t picky. Cecil taught us well.

I was young. I needed the money.

<SLAPS NoClueBoy with a Wet Trout>

Which he no doubt enjoyed.

If it’s unmarked, then it’s a blank piece of paper, samclem. I am forced to assume that what Cecil taught you is called “counterfeiting.”

I, too, love my Dope. I’m grateful for each and every one of you mokes, even the sour ones. :slight_smile: