I love the SDMB

Maybe you should take the Dope behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

Wait, bills? I thought samclem preferred coins.

“I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while” - oh how I wish it was said by Groucho Marx

Yeah, Groucho himself denied ever having said it. He did say something about liking his berets, “but I don’t have a closet full of them.”

I liked the one about Soupy Sales and the alphabet-recognizing dog, White Fang:

"Every time I show you “F”, you see “K”!



I, me, also love the dope too…:dubious:

I’m going back to school in August and am looking forward to posting in a style that will reflect the real me and not so much the Douche that I have been.

Drugs and alcohol have been fun.

I’m gonna be 48 on March 10

Fucked up half my life, now I"ve got the rest to relax and be normal.

Reform school, no doubt. :smiley:

In the spirit of this thread’s title:

shyly presents the SDMB with a box of fine chocolates and the whiskers of five goats

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love SDMB. I’ve received plenty of knowledge, advice, and support here.

Thanks, Dopers!

I thought you’d never ask!

slowly strips away his dark-green leather vest, one brass button at a time, finally revealing a healthy Greek matte of chest hair underneath

I can’t be with the messageboard I love, so I love the one I’m with.

It’s okay to love the SDMB, just don’t looove the SDMB.

I love SDMB long time. Oooh, you so biiig, SDMB. Me love you long time.

It’s the rare day that I don’t check the Dope. Love it, love it, love it! Keep up the good work, everybody.

Dude, I really didn’t need to see that.

You have sex with cars?

You forgot “Me Sucky Sucky! Me So Horny!”

Ha! Like I haven’t heard THAT before.

This whole thread is going to need a “flu” shot in the morning.

You’re the guy that the movie was made about!

We don’t care about you. :smiley:

Can I Luurve it?

And, well, if one were to have email set up on one’s cell phone, and have the phone set to alert whenever a new email arrives, and have the alert set to vibrate, and then if one were to set up the User CP so as to send an email for every new thread post to every subscribed thread, and then subscribe to a lot of threads…

I just kinda grossed myself out, but there you go - placement of phone is up to the user.