I love the X Games!!!

I know I’m an old fart, but I love these games. I’m amazed at not only what they can do, bit what they have and continue to come up with. I’m also amazed at their longevity. At first I figured they were just a fad, but I believe they are here to stay.

Can you imagine if these guys were forced to use a bike the size and weight of Evil Kneivel’s Harley?

Anyone else share my love of these games?

I do, I think they’re great! Also, they’ve helped shape mainstream sports as well. While, sure I think some sports are more boring than others, there is nothing I love seeing more than a well trained athlete who has passion for their sport.

Hey Shosy! There’s two of us!

I think the things I like best are the freestyle motorcycle jumping, as well as the motorcycle high jumping. I watched quite a bit of the bike free style today and I am just amazed at what these guys can do.

To rise out of the skateboarding world of the 70’s boggles my mind sometimes.

In some ways it’s the closest thing we have to wide world of sports these days…

That Hot Wheels loop track they’ve been showing looks awesome!

Did you get to see them use the track? Awesome. They estimate that coming down through the loop, the drivers were pulling 7-8 g’s.

Yuck, they annoyed those of us attending the Anime Expo next door! :mad:

Since this thread isn’t going anywhere, I’ll hijack it.

what is anime, anyway? Is it that japanese art with people with big eyes and/or look like Speed Racer and Trixie?


They were like 3 rounds from topping the stands that were set up to hold the bar. I think a couple of jumps along the way could have cleared that. It became more of a contest of who (and whose bike) could withstand dropping from 30-40’ in the air more times than it was who could get the highest. I don’t think they should use a bigger ramp next year. Someone will break their back.