X Games

Steamy Saturday afternoon, popcorn, baby carrots with Ranch, icy cold lemonade, the X Games are on tha tube.

Life doesn’t get much better than this, folks.


Yep, and to top it off a backflip by Metzger. WOO HOO!


That was suh-weet!

Double. freaking. backflip!

Yeah, Metzger!!!

When does the figure skating start?

We need to get you back in the workforce.


I think it’s irritating how they are stretching events over as many nights as possible. I understand that they want to include as much different stuff in a given day as possible. But in the extreme, that means they will only show one round of (for instance) the Motocross Big Air competition today, then show another round tomorrow. In real time, the whole thing probably only took an hour or two. Makes it feel less sport-like.

Plus it keeps getting pushed back for the stupid Little League Word Series. Freakin’ too good pitchers.

I am amazed at these athletes. The motorcycle jumping stunts are incredible. How do these people practice this stuff without breaking their necks?

Max they do break their necks and various other body parts. Travis Pastrana, who won every X Games Moto X untill this year, is out with an injury. Pastrana actually separated his spine from his pelvis once when he cased a jump. Kenny Bartrum broke his leg when he bailed on his backflip try this year. I believe a couple of other riders in this years competition were riding with injuries.

What is really amazing is how rarely they do hurt themselves when you consider they are 40 feet in the air and fly 90 feet.