Oh yeah, there's Olympic Figure Skating tonight!

And that means millions of women will be setting in front of the television leaving their beloved men a free night to do as they will! And Mrs. D18 and Little Miss D18 will be among them.

Alright gentlemen, we can’t waste this.

Me, I’m heading to the basement with my fiddle for a couple of hours of blissful Celtic merriment.

What you going to do? Night out with the guys? Fixing the car? The possibilities are endless!


Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

Chimes in happily.

My husband will be on the computer. I will be glued to the pairs competition tonight. Go adorable German couple with the last names I can’t possibly spell correctly.


There’s Luge being run right now. But will CTV show it? No, they’re rerunning the Ladies’ 300m Speed Skating they just showed live. And apparently, MS Silverfire will not work with my Mac. No Luge for me!

Figure Skating? Not a ‘sport’. If that’s all that’s on, I’ll catch up on my DVRs.

CTV has live Luge now. Shoulda stuck through the skating instead of going to NBC.

Is it men’s or women’s skating tonight? 'Cause, ya know, short skirts.

Pairs – so women in short skirts getting tossed about, up in the air, across the ice, etc.

I thought they had generally abandoned the skirt to allow for more Camera on the Leotarded Crotch shots.

Pairs and ice dancing don’t float my boat all that much. But I do like single’s skating.

Especially the ladies.

I’m Doping, downloading at the blistering speed of 1.54 kbs, playing my 300,467th game of Hearts and drinking my 6 millionth-odd beer.

Er, wait a second. It’s Valentine’s Day. You honestly think millions of women are gonna be leaving their men free for that? Wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

Wow - that was some skate. Everyone falling down at least once, then a beautiful, clean skate by a Chinese pair. Very nice.

ETA: That was Pang/Tong.

Shen/Zhao - ooooh, missed coming out of a lift - so close! Nail all the hard jumps, then bobble a lift. Beautiful skate, though. Good enough for gold, though - China takes gold and silver with two very nice skates.

Hey, some of us men like it too! Don’t stereotype! :mad:

Yes, but none of us are heterosexual.

(oops, stereotype.)

I would’ve watched it, but my wife insisted that we have friends over for poker and beer instead.

God, I love this woman.

I’m watching figure skating… and snowboard cross (LOVE snowboarding; can’t wait until the half pipe events).

My husband? I think he just took the longest shower on record. And he could because I wasn’t about to leave the snowboarding and figure skating to give him grief about wasting all the water. I have tomorrow off. I can wait til then to take a shower.

And now, he’s playing with the hamster. He could have capitalized on this preoccupation so much better.

And I still don’t know the difference between a “double toe loop” a “triple flip” a “quad axel” despite watching this sport since Peggy Fleming was a star.

“Playing with the hamster,” eh? Is that what we’re calling it now? :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on which direction you’re facing, and which foot and edge you take off from. The commentators talk about that as if it makes a lot of difference, and in terms of skill, maybe it does.

As a viewer, it hardly seems worth noticing.

You forgot “salchow.” Imagine my surprise when I first saw how sowcow was spelled. :slight_smile: