I lust after 'Yes Watch'. Anyone used one?

I really want one of these things (expecailly the top right), but I can’t bring myself to spend the cash on it. Judging by past threads here, I’m not sure I will find someone who has.

I’ve had my eye on these for a few years already and the design has changed significantly for the better. One concern I have relates to the Daylight Savings Time, since US Congress is set to change the days for DST from April to March and from October to November. Of course, there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t do it again…

For those that have seen or used a Yes watch, what is your impression? Is it well built? If you have one, has it had any problems? Should I get this watch, or get my garage door repaired (torsion spring broke)?

It would appear that few people have even heard of them…
BTW, I meant especially…expecailly :smack: :rolleyes:

Awww, I was hoping it would refer to watches branded with art from this album. :frowning:

They look pretty cool, but not 700 bucks cool.

I find the design a bit crowded and busy looking. Plus, it doesn’t have that classic look that I like in a watch. Fine watches, to my mind, should be time pieces with some engineering and elegance, not digital, solid state electronics. But if you want to go the quartz road… I suggest an alternative (not that you asked)… Tag. Of course, there are also some automatics mixed in there as well. They tend to be pricier.

I’ve always liked automatic movement pieces. Nothing that’s battery operated unless it’s for the gym. And even then… there is this watch.

I WANT one! The stainless model is only $395.

I think they’re very impressive-looking and for this precise reason I really don’t want one.

Partly because I might fall into deep water and sink straight to the bottom, or find that wearing such a timepiece made me walk in circles, but partly because I also can’t escape the feeling that lots of people (although not all of them, of course) who wear big, chunky, hugely-multi-functional watches, are… well… pretentious wankers.

They look good, and ten years ago I would have gone for a do everything watch, but these days I’m more minimalist. If I really wanted a big macho watch, I might go for one of the Oakley watches with their a-symetrical designs.

Actually, I think a lot of hugely multi-functional watches cater to the geek crowd who are usually the opposite of pretentious (although I won’t address the issue of wanking). Granted, geeks occasionally get into a sort of “my gadget is cooler than yours” mindframe, but it’s not Rolex-level pretentious.

Still, for the functionality, these watches seem overpriced. I have a weather station at home that does the same calculations and it cost much, much less. So even given the engineering, fabrication, design and so on – the prices seem more like 1970’s “I have a digital watch” than 2005’s “Everyone on the planet has a digital watch.”

As an OldBroad of the female persuasion I’m not interested in the “big manly” quality, I want a watch that will know what time it is wherever I am.

Spring of '06 starts our voyaging adventure in our sailboat. I’ll know where I am by lat/long and would love to have a time piece that can easily display local time wherever local happens to be at that moment.

What I really need is one more really cool gadget!

I think they’s sexy.

Being able to glance at your wrist and know how long you have to sunrise or sunset is pretty cool.

But I don’t really get watches that show the phase of the Moon. If you’re the kind of person who needs to know what phase the moon is, you already know, ya know? It’s not like it changes in a quick or unpredicatable manner. If you’re not the kind of person who needs to know it, then what do you do with that part of your watch? Does it impress people at parties?