I’m going to Live 8 in Philly. Anyone else going?

I’m getting there as early as possible. I’ll catch a train from Marcus hook (just over the Delaware border) at 6:48 am and get to the museum at around 8:00am. I’m hopeing to catch the London live 8 on the big TV screens their going to set up (pink Floyd being the real reason I’m going). 1 million people and (last I’ve heard) only 400 port-o-potties. Thank god I’m a male (look I can write my name in the snow).


Live Aid


Live 8

Out of curiosity…if seeing Floyd is the reason you’re going, but you’re not certain that you’ll be able to see them on the screens there, then why not stay home and be guaranteed to see Floyd*****?

*****Note: This post is made under the assumption that some channel (VH1 is my guess) will be televising the event. I don’t actually know this for a fact, but I can’t imagine it’s going down without TV coverage.

OK. I accept my deserved lashings.

EEEK , its coming to me.

We are already expecting somewhere between 50 and 150 k visitors for a local thing called promenade days , now we can expect 40 k more for the concert , plus the attendant security ,medical , and the troops in borden being on alert for any unpleasantness.

Not to mention this is the long weekend and we already have a whole crap load of folks heading up to the muskokas for cottage festivities , beach shenigans at Wasaga and what ever else people do up north ,and they all come through Barrie on their way , which is a choke point in terms of highway space.

On the plus side ,I am likely to be listening to the concert live ,from a house of ILL repute called the latin Quarter ,which is only half a mile away with some lovely ladies.


hmmm. before they said that the london show was going to start at 7:00 am east coast time. now i just read that pink floyd is going on live at about 5 pm east coast time. this makes me wonder if some one has the time tables screwed up some how.

Well, I’m working tomorrrow, and I’m not in Philly, and I don’t have cable TV, but I am going to take my XM into work tomorrow and get it to work with the little stereo there. Now I just need to find where I put my RF transmitter.

Grr. My sister’s going, a bunch of my friends are going. We’re a twenty-minute train ride and ten-minute walk from the Parkway. Alas, I have work from 2-10:30, so no concert for me.

i live just a bit away from the museum. i expect to be buzzed by choppers around 5am. i may take a peek up the street to see the crowd.

if you are in the philly area, wpvi will have it all day.

I’m hoping to miss it completely. I’m supposed to go to a party down near South St. tomorrow night – I’m not gonna drive, if I do go, since the Art Museum is between here and there.

Me and Agent Foxtrot are loading up our posse and going tomorrow (what what). We’re going to park the car and take the subway into Philly itself. Maybe we’ll see some Dopers there!

Kind of a moot point, but Marcus Hook is in Delaware County, PA, not in the State of Delaware.

I think he meant over the border from where he is, since he’s in Delaware.