I-Mac Dual monitor works in OSX, XP not so much.

Obviously I am running Boot Camp. XP sees the second monitor in Display/Settings, but the second monitor is getting no signal at any resolution. Oddly enough the windows boot screen does show up, but the second monitor goes black when the desktop presents on the main screen. I am using Apple’s mini-dvi to VGA connector to a Samsung 19" LCD TV. Any suggestions?

I can’t remember about xp for sure, but in vista, which I am currently running, you have to extend the desktop onto the other monitor in Display/Settings before the other monitor is actually sent a video signal.

You need to extend the desk top to the second monitor. You will need to choose dual view mode. You may have to set force tv connection.

Yeah, but it isn’t sending RF, it is a VGA connector. I have already enabled the second desktop and sized it to every resolution. Still no dice. I am thinking that the mini-DVI -> VGA plug is just not supported.