I made it down the hill from my apartment...now can I make it back up?

There were, when I left, a couple of good sized ice slicks on the hill from my apartment. I’m hoping the sun will come out enough by around 3 so that I can make it back up.

As it was, I slid pretty well coming down (yes, I know not to use my brakes on ice, but I forgot myself and hit them on the turn. I did let go of them quickly enough so that I didn’t hurt my car or anyone else’s, though if someone had been coming up at the time, I’d have hit them.)

So, any tips for going up the hill if it’s still wicked icy when I head home?
I already have a plan if I can’t make it up the hill - I’ll just park at the grocery store and walk the hill, then get my car up tomorrow or Sunday.
I think I need to go live at a warm beach after I finish here.

I wouldn’t even try it if it were very icy. I grew up in the hills. Every time icy/snowy weather came around, the pile of cars in the valley below our house re-appeared. I vote for parking at the store!

You COULD invest in chains for your tires, or studded tires if you’re worried that this will be a regular problem. However, for the short term…

Can you call your landlord and complain about this? Like if they had properly plowed and salted, there wouldn’t have been snow on the driveway to freeze over? I don’t know what your lease says, but in mine, driveway maintence is written into it. Or just ask them to salt the driveway?

Don’t try and drive up it if it is still icy. As a Vermonter, I’ve been taught to give snow and ice on the road the respect it deserves.

SwimmingRiddles, it’s actually part of the road that leads to the building, not actually part of the parking lot. (Not that they do anything with that either, but most of it gets sun and melts fairly quickly. And that’s flat.) So technically it’s the city’s problem, but by the time they get to it, it’ll be melted.

If I decide to park at the store, I’ll pop in and grab some rock salt and toss it on the ice as I go by - that’ll take care of it by the time I decide to go get my car tomorrow.

I’d invest in a quailty flame thrower. Then you could set fire to the road and melt the ice yourself whenever you needed to do so. Plus they are very handy for getting your charcoal grill going, not ot mention kepping stray dogs and unwanted children out of your yard.
Slow and steady is the way to drive on a slick road. If it is just a plain sheet of ice you will have to have chains, studded tires, or a lot of sand.

I hate that. My mother-in-law has the “Driveway from Hell” and I just dread having to walk up it, let along park on it. Don’t taunt fate. You’ll just hate yourself if you crack up your car (or someone else!).

If you do decide to park in the lot of the grocery store, you should go in and talk briefly to the manager and explain. Otherwise, they might have your car towed for being there over night. Shouldn’t be a problem if you ask, though.

Too bad you don’t have a truly aggressive SUV. You could haul the winch cable up the driveway, attach it to a sturdy tree, and winch your car up the driveway.

Then again, if you just leave the car down below, chances are you won’t have to drive down the ice again… it would suck to spend time, energy and safety getting your car up the driveway in spite of the ice, only to realize, “whoops, forgot to return the videos”, and get into an accident going back down the driveway.

Well, I did make it up the hill. I decided to try it after noting that the sun had come out and was out most of the afternoon. It was a lot better looking than it was when I left around 11.

I did forget to return the video, but as it’s not due until tomorrow, I won’t worry about it today. I did, however, stop at the grocery for beer rations, just to be stocked up in case a freak storm moves through tonight. :stuck_out_tongue: