I made my first video in Adobe Premiere! Check it out...

I don’t know if YOUTUBE has rights like a radio station or whatever.

Do YOU have rights to distribute that song?

Here, I’ll help.

Just to point out, that section is bolded in the TOS.


(looks like he is here to prosecute her. Let’s see what happens next.)

(As for the other, I really don’t think that putting music in the background of home movies is something the music industry gives a crap about)

I don’t either, but apparently Seven does. I’m just curious as to why it’s such a personal vendetta of his.

I was just reading another net discussion (IANAL, and neither were they), and the question seems to be whether background music on a viral video constitutes fair use (my guess is it doesn’t), and whether the company can prove it affected their business (my guess is they can’t, but that it may not legally matter anyway).

Well, he’s voiced his opinion now and if people want to continue to talk about it, I suggest they stop hijacking this thread and start a new one.

I just wanted to say Good Job on the video.

Maybe I’ll take another stab at juggling. It looks pretty cool.

It is a lot of fun, and very meditative. I recommend juggling to everyone :slight_smile: