I may change my user name.

I’m thinking about changing my user name. When I signed up, all I could think of was “monica,” so that’s what I used. Now, I want something at least slightly more mysterious/interesting. I’m thinking Señorita Morena. This has a spanish air about it, which I like because I love Spain, the spanish people, and the language itself. Also, the “morena” part is there because of my big brown eyes and thick, curly, long brown hair, two of my most noticable traits. Also, I won’t get mad if any of you don’t want to bother with the ~ over the n. I know it’s a pain.

Do I have any name recognition around the boards I need to worry about losing? I would doubt it, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Also, how would I go about doing this? Which mod/admin do I need to talk to?

What do ya’ll think?

~ Monica

I’ve always liked Monica. It’s a proud tradition - Monica was, after all, the mother of St Augstine, and it was said to be her prayer that converted Augustine from a libertine to the great apostle of Africa.

But that may not be what you’re shooting for. :slight_smile:

Don’t change your name. Right now, I recognize it and know that it corresponds to a reputable, likeable poster. Once you change it, you’re starting over from scratch. Worse, your post count is high enough that people will assume you must be uninteresting, or else they would have noticed you before.

Also, if you change it I will hate you like fire for the rest of my life.

I like Señora Morena. Go for it!

Heh. That name would sound so cool in a movie.

So, Señorita Morena, we meet at last. Your dastardly plan has failed, and Cecil Adams still lives. Would you care for some tea?

I am, and shall forever be Regallag the Axe, Destroyer of Nations, and Lord of Men!

You? I dunno, do what you want.

How about Mrs.Iceland_Blue?
:smiley: :wink:

Online translators aren’t the best at giving nuanced definitions but according to the one I just used, morena means colored person whereas it looks like you’re going for brunette.

I like the flow of it though. Very lyrical.

Well…dayum. I was going to say “Change it!”, but if you’re getting this kind of response, maybe you’re better off staying monica.

Besides, I would say “slighly more mysterious” is a better user name than “Señorita Morena” anyway.

It’s both. Pelo moreno = dark hair, piel morena = dark skin. But just morena alone usually connotes brunette.

It sounds lovely and elegant and mysterious… if you want to, go for it!

Never mind Giraffe, he’s just upset after the tentacle and Jello incident. patpat

In my five years of taking Spanish classes and in my month in Spain, I never heard it referring to a black person. Interesting, though.

And I guess I can’t change the name- I mean, I don’t want to risk the wrath of Giraffe!

Score! This is the first time I’ve ever affected any sort of meaningful change on this board. Or any change, really. How exciting!

I’m glad you’re gonna stay monica. It’ll make it easier for me to keep an eye on you and smite any who might oppose you.

I think it was less your imposing presence and more that 18-inch-tongue thing…

[sub]Considering the OP’s age, oh how I kid…[/sub]

I know you now. If you change to Senorita what’s-her-face I won’t have a clue. But I’m clueless anyway and it’s YOUR name, so whatever.

(Grumble-grumble, I HATE it when posters I know change their user names)

Technically, you affected a continuation of the status quo, thus **averting ** change.

And I rather like fire.

I’ll be going now.

First of all, I would just like to point out that that fact that I actually have name recognition makes me very happy!

Second of all:


Yeah, she’s clearly way too old for me. :eek:

One sentence. It took you only one sentence to crush the only feeling of accomplishment I’ve ever gotten after five years of posting. Nicely done. Very efficient.


There, there, Giraffy-poo. You changed monica’s status from “I may change my user name” to “I’m keeping my name.” Change, see? CHANGE!

*:: pouts :: *

No, no, no, too late. Suburban already ruined it. I’m dumb and useless and also fat.

  • :: sulks :: *