I mean really, would you?

Okay this is both for the women and the guys…

Would you, if offered the right amount of money (depending on your gender, or not) act in a commercial for the following types of products? And how much money would it take?

  1. Incontinence products like Poise or Depends?

  2. Viagra or an herbal remedy for the same results?

  3. Tampon or maxi-pad commercial?

  4. Yeast infection ad?

  5. Herpes medication advert?

Okay so I am "sposed to be a 21st century woman, who is open to all my bodily functions and possiblities of sexually transmitted diseases but for some reason I would have to be paid a minimum of $100,000 for those that can relate to women. As for the Viagra, I would participate as the happy wife just for the grins, okay regular actors fees would apply but it could be a fun commercial to give out this sexually charged grin.

I forgot to add:

If you have any other ads that might bring out a little “cringe” then by all means post it.

Sure, for the right dough, I’d do a yeast infection ad. I’m not sure what I’d say.

#1: Take a lot of money
#2: Take a lot of money
#3: Sure, why not? “Hi! I’m Fenris, stocky, hairy guy, and I’d like to talk with you about…[sub]Tampons[/sub]”
#4: Eeewww. But I could be bought.
#5: For enough money, sure.

To add my own:
#6: “Feminine Hygiene Products”
My answer: Sure, just for the surreality of it all. “Hi, my name is Fenris. I’ve never had [sub]that[/sub] feeling, and I’ve never had the urge to frolic in a meadow while trailing a white bedsheet behind me, but if I did, I’d use (Product Name)[sup]tm[/sup] so that I could feel my freshest!”


Sure, why not, its only acting.

yeah, sure. Now, I wouldn’t just go do one for kicks. I mean, they’d have to pay me.

But I can see the Viagra one…

[throaty, seductive voice]I was worried when I heard that viagra could help impotent men. It turned out to be the best possible thing for us. Now, we go at it like rabbits…but only when I am in the mood. With me controlling these little blue pills, I get only as much as I want, when I want it. And there’s no need to worry about him straying, because the side effects would give him away. That telltale sinus sniffle…makes me remember that I wear the pants in this house. Take control…get it when you want it…[/throaty, seductive voice]*

[sub]I only know about this side effect because I work with people who don’t keep their need for viagra secret.

*this statement in no way reflects Lsura’s attitude toward sex. [/sub]

Incontinence. hmmm, it depends…Bah! Get it? 20K would be fine. Who knows, might even like em. Wouldn’t have to get up from the game to do the duty :slight_smile:

Viagra. Sure. Anything to get some of that for free. No pay, just a pill a week for life would buy me. Not that I need help… hell, the wind works just fine for me, but ya never know :slight_smile:

Tampon. Just royalties and lifetime supply for the wife. (I don’t mind buying them, except it’s usually an emergency run at 3 AM) I suppose I could say it was for an alternate to Depends, you know, when you have to look your best but don’t want unsightly bulges.

Yeast Infection. icky, but 20K would work.

Herpes aid. 50k. That would just be one more reason in a list of many why women already run away from me.

Pepsi. Couldn’t do it. I have my pride.

Is your bread hard?

Yes to all. I guess I have no shame. So much of it went away in the last few years. Maybe I’d need a little extra cash to ease qualms about the Herpes ad. The way I figure it, the people I know and whose opinion counts would know I’m acting. They also know I menstruate, so no surprise there. I figure people ought to think it’s cool I’m getting work in advertising media, as opposed to associating me with the product. Herpes is a little weirder because the STD stigma is greater, and people might be even more reluctant to ask me about it.

Now that I think about it, I’d have a problem with the incontinence products for moral reasons. A lot of incontinence problems are actually easily fixed. However, embarrassment keeps people from seeing their doctor about it. These product manufacturers take advantage of this situation and make the problem seem widespread, inevitable with advancing age, and only manageable [instead of curable]. That’s deplorable.

Somehow I just can’t see myself doing any of 'em. Well, maybe a cameo in beatle’s yeast infection ad, laughing like hell in the background.

Maybe it’s a subset of #1, but laxative ads make me cringe. There are some things I just plain do NOT want to know about total strangers, even if they’re just implied by homey little “stories” or chirpy music. The folks leaping and gamboling about to “I feeeeel GOOD” in Senekot ads make me paranoid about walking near bathroom doors. I keep expecting a giddy, newly relieved person to spring out and either trample me or tell me all about it.



It’s acting…sure I’d do it. As long as I didn’t have write the damned thing too…I used to rib my older sister when we were growing up, she actually WAS in a laxative commercial. Payed really REALLY well too…sigh

I am giggling like you don’t believe with some of the responses.

I guess what spurred this on is the fact that most of those “freshness” commercials for things like pads with wings and the feminine deoderant along with the latest info-type-mercial for some product called “Progenis” makes people uncomfortable.

Oh and NO way I would not do a Summer’s Eve commercial, I like to think I am fresh all the time and don’t need extra protection to be clean and fresh. Often I find those commercials make women think they are dirty and need such products because they aren’t worthy of basic cleaning and basic upkeep like men do. Most men I know don’t have a problem with a woman’s smell. A few women, a very few, need something to help them not smell bad but usually that, from my opinion, is from poor diet and poor hygiene. That said there are still a very few that need help but WHY mass market it like we all smell bad?

Okay, and I do not feel fresh if I wear a pad, wings, four wall protection or whatever. Sorry ladies who wear them, try a tampon. At least you don’t feel like you have a wet diaper on. LOL, I am serious. Oh and Opal has the solution that may be better than either, ask her about it.

As for the constipation ads? I giggle over the one of the female cop who states that her constipation shouldn’t require her to ask the criminals to slow down because her laxative is kicking in!

OY, I think I need to think more about doing commercials for hair products or skin creams as I am a big wuss when it comes to very personal items…yes I admit that! But then again I wouldn’t be in a commercial as I am to normal or too odd. :wink:

I’d probably do the tampon and yeast infection ads. Hell, I know the feeling, I’d be great.

For the rest of them, I don’t know. I have no experience and who really wants to be the Preparation-H girl? On the other hand, I am broke and cash is a powerful tool of persuation.

But you know what I wouldn’t do? L’Oreal ads. “Because I’m worth it”. Bite me.

#1, #2 and #5: sure, no problem.
#3 and #4: ok, but I don’t know what a guy would have to say in one of those ads.

How much? Scale, but I guess I would negotiate for more, just out of greed.

It’s just an act. But then, I get paid for committing public blasphemy on a regular basis, so I guess I don’t see the big deal about saying “Hi, I’m sublight, and when my willie won’t wiggle, I reach for Viagra.”


Reading this thread, I had a rather disturbing though. Namely, there is a lot that I would do for suprisingly little.

I can’t help but wonder if that is a good or a bad thing…

Fenris That is just too funny!

I would like to say I wouldn’t do any of them, because I have ethical issues with most of these products & detest commercials. But if I was offered a minimum of $50,000 I would. That’s enough to pay off my grad school loans, with some mad money left over. Soooo…I guess I can be bought!

Hell. Yes.

Anything on that list.

A successful, long running national commercial (As opposed to regional or local) can net the actor about $35,000, (that’s for big brand names like Budweiser or, I assume, Tampax). A friend of mine did TWO commercials last year and hasn’t had a day job since.

One days work and you’re set for at least six months of living! I’ll walk around with tampons sticking out of my EARS for that kind of lifestyle.


Hell, for the right amount of money, I’d have sex with a flaming goat in the middle of a football field during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

Spooje would do all the above for $26k each, as I have no standards and am in debt($26,000).

I might… But I’d be more embarrassed about being seen in an ad at all, given the crap that most of them are, than about being in an ad for any of those things.