I met John Waters!

In Eugene, Oregon at the Hult Center, I met John Waters after he spoke. He was charming, polite and signed my copies of the Serial Mom DVD and a copy of Shock Value.

He is one of the most amazing speakers I have ever had the great fortune to hear. Anyone else had an experience meeting Mr. Waters?

Pretty cool, Hastur. I’ve never had the chance to meet him, but John Waters is one of my favorite directors. I just saw Cecil B. DeMented last week, and it was a great movie.


Serial Mom is one of my very favorite movies, and I think John Waters is a genius. Very, very cool.


Groove-O, mon! I like his work. Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble (not to mention his other early works) are hilarious! My favourite of his recent work is Pecker. “Me-mama” and her talking Virgin Mary make me roll on the floor laughing.

John Waters is indeed a genius of a writer/director and a wonderful man. I had the extreme pleasure of making his acquaintance (back in the 70s) through my friend Glenn Milstead a.k.a. Divine.

i think shock value is astonishingly cogent social criticism. he is an amazing man. i saw him speak some years ago, he wasnt that great. he basically did a standup act instead of give a talk. but i love his movies, can anyone whos seen pink flamingos hear surfing bird ever again without howling?

my two favorite lines from desperate living, ones i actually use from time to time.

‘lets see if i can fit my big business into these!’

and, of course, ‘whos gonna service the queen?’

out of his straight movies, i thought hairspray wuz the best, but i havent seen pecker or cecil b demented.

viva john waters! cajun man, you knew divine, you are so cool we could store a side of beef in you!!

I heard John Waters speak at an event in Baltimore several years ago. I got to ask one question of him during the question and answer session after he spoke. The movie Ed Wood had come out not long before, and I asked him who he would like to play him when the movie on his life was made. He said that Steve Buscemi was the obvious choice. He said that he’d even discussed it with Buscemi. They both wanted to play Don Knotts if a movie were made of his life.

John is truly cool.
Unfortunately, I never met him.
I’ve always wanted to visit Baltimore though; he makes it sound “interesting.”

I had John Waters as a college professor one semester. However, this apparently is an entirely different John Waters that the one y’all are talking about. This one taught Irish Lit. One of the best professor’s I’ve ever had.