John Waters in St. Louis!

Tonight, I’m going to Socially Incorrect: A Night of Contradictions with John Waters at Laumeier Sculpture Park. It’s a reception for his exhibition, Artistically Incorrect: The Photographs and Sculpture of John Waters.

Then, I get to do this:

Following the reception, you’ll experience a soiree like no other. You will be whisked away to a mystery location within the parkk where things are not as they seem, and at times are quite unseemly.

As if that weren’t enough…or maybe too much…we’re going to his “This Filthy World” one-man show Monday night.

The horror, the horror…I can’t wait! Wish I had something ultra cool to wear!

I’m jealous. I suggest that you go as the egg lady from Pink Flamingos.

This is where we need Eve posting again, a good compatriot of Mr. Waters. I’ll say that from my limited experience, he is a good gentleman, at odds with what people expect. Very smart and sharp, and not at all a prima donna, nor a freaky guy.He is quite elegant and honest, which does contrast from his outrageous work.

Hope ya have a great experience, Hazle!

Exactly right!

The exhibit was fantastic, thought provoking and hilarious! We were VIPs so we got to hang out on the patio and have free drinks. Mr. Waters was most gracious and cordial. Quite willing to visit with everyone and have his picture taken with them. He was happy to autograph my program

After the reception, we VIPS were whisked off in golf carts to a tent under which were lots of tables and a stage. We were treated to a tremendous burlesque show and Fussed Up kid food…mac and cheese, grilled cheese sanwiches, etc. and some fancy adult food as well. I got to stand one table over from Mr. Waters and enjoyed watching his interactions with others. He really seemed to enjoy himself.

The weather was uncommonly beautiful…it was a crazy fantastic evening!