Anyone seen Roger Waters in concert?

There was an announcement on Facebook about the Roger Waters Us and Them tour for next year. I’m considering going and I’ve been listening to Radio Kaos and The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking fairly often over the past few months. I’m very well acquainted with all of Pink Floyd’s catalog.

Anyone seen him in concert recently? I’m sure i won’t like the ticket prices and I might very well wait for some YouTube videos from the 2017 tour before deciding if I should go. But, as of now, I’m leaning very heavily in favor of going.

Yes, was very good. Toronto 1999. Damn nice of my boss to give me his tickets when he couldn’t go.

Not as a solo act. He was in a band at the time.

Saw him when he was doing The Wall tour a few years back. It was an impressive show. But a lot of that was the spectacle of The wall tour. It was really more of a rock opera/spectacle than a concert.

I saw him about 10 years ago in Dallas. Great show.

Good lord, it is about 30 years ago now that somebody stole my uncensored CD cover of The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking.

Check out the latest youtube videos by user “FakeFan”. Really impressive stuff from Roger’s gig at Desert Trip.

I saw the Dark Side of the Moon tour in 2007 and it was a serious experience. Dave Kilminster has David Gilmour’s sound down cold and Carl Kenyon owned The Great Gig in the Sky, so if they’re touring with Roger Waters again he’s definitely worth seeing. I was disappointed there was nothing off The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking on the setlist, but it was a magnificent show.

I saw him in Tampa in 2000, the “In The Flesh” tour. So moving.

I was at the 1991 concert at the Berlin Wall but I wouldn’t call that recent.

I saw him as part of the 121212 concert in 2012. It of course wasn’t a full set but he was very good with a good backing band. The stage presentation of one of the songs contained a political message that was out of place at a benefit concert in the U.S. so that was kind of weird.

He took a huge hiatus from touring (something like 13 years) and kicked off a tour in Milwaukee, I went to that one, it was amazing. About half way through the tour, he announced that he’d be coming back around and hitting Milwaukee again and my friend and I just kinda looked at each other and bought tickets. During one of the shows, maybe both, I don’t remember (but it was part of the tour) he played The Wall in it’s entirety.
Also, I think, again I could be mistaken, that Andy Fairweather Low was touring with him.

I also remember my friend point up to the ceiling and I’m like ‘huh, what’ and she points again and I see one of the lighting guys rocking out.

It was an amazing concert, absolutely one of my favorites.

I saw the Wall show in 2012. It was great. I would love to see him perform some non-Wall material live.

Well, yes…

It was the only rock concert I have ever attended…and it was good.

March 19, 1985. Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Saw the In the Flesh tour in 2002 and The Wall in 2012. Both were great shows and you feel like you’re getting value for money, even with steep prices.

It’s hard not to feel like it’s missing something when he does mid-'70s Floyd, however.

I do not have recent info. :slight_smile:

My very first concert was Roger Waters, in July 1984, the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking tour. He had a bloke named Clapton on lead guitar, who did a pretty nice job.

First half of the concert was all Pink Floyd songs, and was awesome.

Second half was basically running through the “Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” album. This remains the only time to date that I have sat through that entire album. The crowd got a bit quieter in that part.

For the encore, went back to Floyd with Brain Damage/Eclipse, so that was nice.

Overall, it was a good concert. The songs were VERY true to the album versions, whether you consider that a good thing or not. At the time, as a young kid, I thought that was great. Looking back, I don’t know if that was the best way to take advantage of having Clapton on the stage.

Saw The Wall at the O2 in London (the night that David Gilmour turned up, which was nice), and then again at the Amsterdam Arena and Wembley Stadium.

Fate has ordained that I already have holiday plans next August, and will be flying from Edinburgh to New York, with the intention of staying for two nights before heading down to New Orleans.

One of those nights in New York is about to get switched to a night in Philadelphia, thanks to Mr Waters.

He puts on a fantastic show and surrounds himself with top notch musicians (including the above mentioned Dave Kilminster). He’s 73, so these opportunities are not going to keep coming.

I saw him in 1987 for his Radio KAOS Tour. (I also saw Pink Floyd that same year). Paul Carrack was the opening act, and he did every hit that he performed with other bands (“How Long Has This Been Goin’ On” “Tempted”, etc.)

Roger was pretty good, though the show relied heavily on Radio KAOS (they might have done the whole thing, followed by a smattering of PF mainstays.

That sounds like the show I’d love to see. That album has really grown on me.

Not yet, but we have tickets for his show here in June 2017.

I’ve seem him twice, though the last time was In the Flesh in 2002. Both times were spectacular - he puts on a really well-staged show. Bummed I missed the recent wall tour. I’ve already got my tix for September 2017!

ETA: I was a little put off by the “creative genius of Pink Floyd” ad pitch for this tour, until I saw the trailer, in which he basically makes fun of that at the end. I thought that was smart :slight_smile:

Saw him in the early 1980s with “Pros and Cons of Hitch hiking” tour (an unlistenable mess although it gets points for taking a shot at Yoko Ono). Good sound system. Cigar store Indians are more animated.