I met mick foley


I went to Mick Foley’s comedy show on Long Island tonight, which was very enjoyable. After the show, I stood in line to meet him. Although he’d just been a few feet away from me when he was onstage, and I was comfortable and relaxed, when it came time to speak to him my hands were shaking.

I walked up and gave him my book to sign (Have A Nice Day). I told him how much I respected the work he did with RAINN and Mick’s eyes lit up. He asked me if I lived on LI, and I told him no, I live in Queens. He asked me if I came with anyone, and I said no, I was alone. By this point I’m trembling, blinking away tears, and whispering because Mick Foley is talking to me. My proof right here.

Mick said, “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll take you home after the signing, okay?” He then signed and chatted with everyone in line, making sure we all got autographs and photos. After the last few people left, it was just me and him left. I asked if I could help him pick up, which he was very happy about. We each bundled a bunch of t-shirts and pictures into our arms and he led me to his car. I’m in disbelief and biting my tongue to make sure this is real.

The comedian Brendon Burns, who had performed with Foley, hitched a ride along with us. We had a lively conversation about The Wrestler and politics and other things which are none of your business because they’re personal. Mick also got me a sandwich although I was in such shock all I could do was nibble the salad.

Mick drove me to my front door in Queens. I hopped out and crossed around to the other side of the car to say goodbye, when I saw him writing his phone number on a scrap piece of paper. I started crying all over again. He also GAVE ME a copy of Countdown to Lockdown and got out of the car to give me a big hug. I waved goodbye and Mick and Brendon stayed to watch and make sure I got in my building safe.


So Mick Foley’s phone number is now in my phone, my two signed books are beside me as I type this, and I am still in shock. I never never never thought one of my favorite wrestlers and celebrities of all time, period, would spend over an hour with me, buy me dinner, drive me home, and give me his phone number. If CM Punk knocked on my door, dropped to one knee, and proposed to me, I couldn’t be more amazed.

Mick Foley is EXACTLY what you’ll hope he’ll be: a big sweet teddy bear of a man with a heart the size of Long Island, if not bigger. I am joyous. The world is beautiful.

Mick Foley is good.

That is awesome.

Wow, that is the coolest thing I’ve read today. :slight_smile:

…it’s the coolest thing that I’ve read all week! :slight_smile:

That’s so cool. I knew Mick would be that kinda guy.

I was expecting this to be a parody of this thread.

I don’t like sports or wrestling and never, ever watch either, but even I like Mick Foley! How cool for you!

That is awesome, Mississippienne. I have not met Mick, but he does seem like a really cool, down to earth guy, despite his in-ring personalities. Glad to know it’s true.

Sorry Mississippienne, but a picture of Uma Thurman and Mick Foley together doesn’t prove that you met him.

It’s easy one of the coolest moments of my life. :smiley:

It’s one thing to meet a performer after a show, it’s another level that he gave you a ride home and gave you his digits. Some wrestlers seem pretty dodgy, but Mick always seemed cool.

Pretty awesome, there, Miss. Good to know Mick’s as awesome in person as he seems like he’d be.

I met him at a book signing back when I worked at Borders. He was exactly as the OP describes. Very amenable celebrity within reason. Good guy.

Wait, you didn’t…
I mean he drove you home, you obviously like him, he seems to like you very much…
he’s an attractive and apparently very nice man…
you’re very pretty yourself…

Why not close the deal?
Or do only guys think this way?

Mick’s a happily married man, last I saw. If there’d been a deal to close, that would have taken some of the shine off the meeting, I think.

I believe Mick is married. Which, granted, won’t stop everyone, but still

This is SUCH an awesome story!!!

He just texted me to say hello about five minutes ago :smiley:

And Mick is a perfect gentleman, y’all!

Great story! I have to confess I read the entire OP as you meeting Dave Foley… but still… cool.

I see.

So, I know he’s married (or was the last I heard), but he just texted to say “hello?” After driving you home and buying you dinner? And talking for about an hour with you?

He might be a big teddy bear sweetheart of a guy who loves all of humanity and smells like unicorn farts, but does this strike anyone else like he’s actually *interested *in her? I mean what guy does all this to a complete stranger right after meeting her if he’s *not *interested?