I might be gone for a while, will you miss me?

I might move in with my Dad within the next 2 weeks or sooner and he doesn’t have an internet connection yet and I don’t think he plans on getting one soon so if I move in with him my activity on this board will drop signifigantly.
Don’t worry folks just remember all the good times that we had together and it will be alright. :wink:
I’m not being 100 per cent serious but I really may be moving away for a while so If I do and anyone asks about me (yeah right) then they can refer to this thread. :smiley:

Good luck, START. Stop by a library once in a while and post from there. Don’t be a stranger.

It doesn’t seem like you’ve been here nearly a whole year. Don’t worry, do right at school and you’ll be able to get a job where you can post from work like me, and most of the rest of those who should be working :wink:

Sorry to hear you’ll be going. Your posts are interesting to read and you seem like a good guy. Hope the move goes well and that you can join us again soon.

I like your posts, even the goofy ones :wink:

Get some library internet access and keep in touch.

You’ve always got friends here, START. :slight_smile: