I miss 2001/2002

I obtained my Associates in Architectural Engineering Technology back in 2002 (summer, to be exact).

I remember leaving a University in spring of 1999, feeling like I’d never make anything of my life. I had a good, well paying job at the ripe age of 23, but hated it (warehouse supervisor). I was taking classes at night for the past 3 years, basically low level stuff while entering Mechanical Engineering.

I switched school that summer of 1999 to go to a tech school for their program. Within 18 months I found myself working for an engineering firm in their structural department, totally enjoying life, and absorbing any info I could get my hands on.


Spring of 2001, I was taking an Architectural design class where I had to design a new airport terminal. I remember spending hours and hours on it, loving every minute. I’d stay late at work and enjoy my cubicle, just loving it all. I bought a new Subaru Impreza that spring (2.5 RS, before the WRX made it to our shores). Basically, I was doing school work and modifying my Impreza and looking forward to kayaking in the summer.

Well, I just came across my drawings from that spring, as well as my senior project from Spring 2002. I can’t quite put into words the happy feelings raining over me as I look over them.

I was just so happy then, both years; one for starting a new job I loved, the other for working to complete my degree, and loving it.

Here it is, almost spring 2010, I have another, really, really great job and I am 8 weeks away from completing my bachelors in civil engineering, yet I have none of the same great feelings.

I wish I enjoyed those time more when they happened. sigh

The longer I live (34 now) the more I realize I need to create.

So anyway, I wanted to put into words the memories I have right now and try to figure out how to capture that same feeling.

I’m looking at some renderings I did, and I have to say I was damn good for little training (the school went mostly into the engineering and nuts and bolts).

I think the difference between then and now was that I felt challenged by school and had to create to pass, and I felt young. I feel time catching up to me nowadays. The only similarities are that I love my current job just I did that one.

Well, I’m off to draw and maybe take some pics of my old project for prosperity. Haha