What is your career choice?

What college/trade school did you go to? Why did you pick this as your career?

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I went to business school. I thought it would be an easy way to get a good job. Boy was I wrong.

Marine Engineering, followed coming ashore and working as a Stationary Engineer.
Why? I like knowing how things work, problem solving, and fixing stuff that other people have a hard time fixing. It is fun firing a boiler or running a piece of equipment. Besides like most engineers I relate to machinery better I do to people.
What College The California Maritime Academy.

What are you doing now?
Family went to UC, we are huge supporter of the bearcats

It chose me
Went to Art school. Am an Artist.
Why? It chose me.

Took lots of Anthropology and Liberal Arts. Ended up living in Thailand for most of my adult life and Waikiki now and traveling to lots of places. Pretty satisfied.

Hey I stumbled into my career choice. As a kid growing up I never had the desire to be doing what I am doing now. My BS degree is in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. My career is in medical device software engineering. I went to UCSB, Cal-Santa Barbara (UCSB, the university of casual sex on the beach). I also went to San Francisco State University, SFSU.

I’m still trying to figure it out. Until I do, I’m working as a software engineer and it’s paid the rent for the past 25 years or so. :smiley:

Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I’m an environmental scientist.

I went to Georgia Tech for undergrad and Rutgers for grad school.

Why did a choose this career? Well, I kind of fell into it. I had a rewarding internship in undergrad that encouraged me to go to graduate school.

I have a Masters degree in engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
I’m an IT Program Manager specializing in large scale software development - got into it over a decade ago primarily because my group got laid off, the company needed a body, I needed a job, and no one else wanted to do it.

My role models growing up were The Professor from Gilligan’s Island, and Scotty from Star Trek. It was pretty much inevitable that I would be an engineer.

I work in purchasing. Career has not developed anywhere close to what it should.

Starving Artist

Pretty much just being multiple things just like Donald Glover and Kanye West but without all the money.
That’s the dream, my dream.

Currently, in my last year of the Performing arts study and I hope to get accepted into the art academy and their double degree programme so I can also study psychology on the university next to that.

Much to my parents disappointment, what I took and where I went to college had nothing to do with what I ended up doing.

“Career” wasn’t really the word for it.

That’s like my son, now 32, he’s a starving artist living in NYC. He’s a dancer and performs regularly. He has a BFA degree. He makes ends meet but has to be a little creative about it. As a bonus, he has started and is regularly funding his retirement savings and investments. Hopefully he won’t have to tend bar when he’s 65-70.

I went to the local state university because it was close and affordable. I studied media communications and economics. I chose media communications because I wanted to go into radio or tv news. I studied economics because it’s interesting.

I got an internship at a local radio station senior year and worked in radio/TV for about 5 years when I realized it was not the career for me. I left the TV station I was working at to take a job at E*Trade in 1996 when it was still an internet start-up. While I absolutely loved the job, the stress and pressure of working in the brokerage industry was starting to affect my health. I resigned shortly after my 8th anniversary.

After that I did a bunch of odd jobs, sometimes for money, sometimes as barter. Jobs included writing, stable hand, accounts receivable, pet sitter, and other things. I also did a lot of volunteer work. My years volunteering at my local shelter led me directly to the job I have and love now…volunteer coordinator for a non-profit wildlife rescue. It’s nothing I ever would have imagined when I was young.

I am the perfect example of why having a clear plan and accomplishing it directly after college doesn’t really mean anything as far as what you will be doing 20 years later.

That’s sounds interesting, illegal, but interesting.:wink: