I miss House!

I’m just saying, re-runs aren’t satisfying me, I want the show back! Waaaaaah! :mad:

– IG

I must say, after reading some spoilers about the upcoming season given by the producer at the recent critics presentations I can’t decide if I want the new season. Could be great, but also sounds like a disaster to me.

But I have to agree, House is a show I love watching but have no interest in seeing an episode again.

What I’m talking about:

Apparently, before the three crew come back (however they come back) there is an arc with five replacements and House plays them off each other in some time of Survivor-style competition.

Too bad there aren’t more of you. “Drive” may have been able to finish out the season.

obfusciatrist, if it’s true your spoiler sounds awesome.

I wasn’t looking forward to the new series what with the regulars going, are they really coming back or is it just a rumour?

I’m with ya. Gordon Ramsay is great…but I need my House!

People care about his underlings? Wow. I could care less about them. They just give me less House.

I actually stopped watching the show because his underlings annoyed me. Yes Cameran, we know you are going to object to everything everyone does because you think it is wrong. You should have been fired long ago for insubordination. The whiney blond guy? Yeah, whiney. Foreman? Seriously man, stop thinking you are right. Actually, all three of you stop second guessing House. He is always right, just go with it. It isn’t interesting TV to watch you throw hurdles in his way anymore, that got old after the first 5 episodes.

Man, now I’m excited about this!

My local Blockbuster has season 1 available to rent, which thrilled me, since I only got into the show sometime during season 2. Unfortunately, disc one was screwed up and I missed a bunch of scenes, and disc 3(I don’t even think they HAVE the second disc) is doing the same damn thing. :frowning:

The underlings can be obnoxious, but it’s Cuddy who I really can’t stand.

Why don’t the reruns satisfy you? Every episode is the same, so you could just keep watching them indefinitely.

I’m not saying that to be a dick. I think House is a fascinating character. I enjoy some of the interplay with other characters. But the show is like Groundhog Day: mysterious malady, false starts and blind alleys, whining from underlings, sudden House insight based on unrelated case, bold life-or-death solution, patient recovers. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve only seen one episode (“Three Stories” was the title, I think) that departed from this significantly.

You forgot House engaging in a battle of wits with Cuddy to avoid clinic duty or win some small concession such as a handicapped spot closer to the entrance.

In other news, Lisa Edelstein’s breasts are destroying families.

(Link is SFW unless you would be embarrassed for your cow-orkers to see the words Lisa Edelstein’s breasts printed on a blackboard on you screen.)

That’s why I stopped watching after about 5 episodes. Pity they can’t figure out something more interesting for such a talented actor with such a great character to do.