I miss Taggert!

Taggert is gone :frowning: :frowning:

Je suis desole

On an ocean of rectitude, Taggert came into my life, like Paddle-to-the-Sea, bobbing to-and-fro on the froth that is the SDMB. Truly, he tought me how to appreciate the conservative mind, to revel in the inequities of both the moral compass and the mental lodestone. Food tasted better, water – wetter. And I learned how to listen with my heart, and which Greatful Dead LPs to play, and why.

And now he is gone, and I must cry.

sob perhaps if we all remember Taggert, the way he was, he will remain whole within us… Perhaps he is in a better place now, surrounded by the angels of meaning and unmeaning. Taggert, if you can still see me now, I’m going to read Leviathan, and watch it too. bawls




So what got him/her banned? Or do I have to wade into that 5 page thread to find out?

My guess: a never ending parody of conservatism that was just good enough to really anger people over what was really nothing. He really was good at sounding like a liberal’s idea of what a conservative might sound like – in the Bizarro World. He was funny. I will miss the laughter, the …sniff…

I, the mods., and about a dozen other people warned the nimrod. He would not listen. I even quoted Hobbes to warn him. No dice.

Brutus- Just from the first post it is fairly evident what got him canned…He expressed a like for Ann Coulter. :smiley:
For the record, I still say she is cute.

Damn. I am somewhat ‘conservative’ myself, but had some good laughs at him/her.

And if a like/lust of A.Coulter is enough to get one banned, then BAN AWAY!!! :wink:

Oh well. Now he can devote more time working for Mel Brooks.

Re: I miss Tagert.

I don’t.

OK, I’ll bite:

What did his “watch this drive” sig mean anyway?

He forgot the final “L”.

squeegee, from here.

GW Bush on the golf course 8/4/02, either leading the war on terrorism or perhaps looking for the real killer:

I like kaylasdad99’s explanation better. :wink:

I’ll miss the little not-a-sock-puppet

I thought he was clever. I smiled more reading his posts than most others.

Welcome to the boards, Gandalf! I have nothing to add to this thread, but I just had to say what a great name you have.

Ace0Spades, we all like different folks and you are certainly welcome to defend or mourn Taggert. However, when you sully the name of Paddle-to-the-Sea by association, I can only conclude that you are a sick individual. Sick, d’you hear me? Sick!

(Now, had you compared him to Scuffy the Tugboat, I could see the point.)

Banned? WTF? The guy had two major threads. Both of wich rubbed the hair backwards of the board, he was good at it. The question is whether or he was doing it on purpose, just to get a responce. Or did really hold those ideas, cause he sure did deffend them quite well. I think it is a shame that he is gone. After his first few threads I believe he would have either toned down or broke character. The former would have resulted in him being a right-wing spokesman (hardcore right is hard to find here), or the latter he would have been found out and banned. I think his banning was a little premature…IMHO. He was a very capable poster, and I looked forward to seeing him debate other issues besides politics.

Nice catch, Tom. I’m going to re-read that, along with Leviathan. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there was much question about that, especially after he started the clique thread.

I’ll miss him to. He had it coming though. *Bodini had no choice. Guys like him have an independant spirit that won’t be restrained by the arbitrary restrictions of a host community. He said what he had to say giving no quarter, all along the perfect gentleman.

I don’t think the “New Clique” thread did it. In that thread be broke the ancient rule of Usenet, “There is no cabal,” and got warned by Lynn that he was “acting like a jerk.” The thread however was closed immediately after Lynn’s post, which sounded like a warning not a banning. So I presume he just got out of hand in that 4 page monstrosity about not being a sock puppet.

He didn’t really get irrationally violent or vulgar, IIRC, so I found him amusing. I think there might be a level of what is called “trolling” which really isn’t a bad thing. Taggert, if he was indeed a troll, had it down to an art form. I will miss those works of art, though I think by the time of the “New Clique” thread he was losing the finer points of his art.