I missed class on my first day back?

A little while ago I started a thread about how I just got back into the civil engineering program at the University of Illinois, I just moved into my apartment yesterday and don’t have internet access yet. I’m in the library currently.

So I got up today, took a shower, made some coffee, checked to make sure I have notebooks and a pencil, all that jazz. Took a hike over to my class room. There’s nobody there. Ok, I’m a little early that’s ok. 10 minutes pass. It’s 5 minutes until class starts and there’s no professor or other students. I’m getting pretty nervous, what the hell?

I go off to find a computer lab to check my e-mail and see if class was canceled. All od the engineering labs are closed. So I had to walk halfway across campus to the undergrad library to find out that class starts tomorrow. Just a few days ago the website showed that classes started today, thanks for almost giving me a heart attack U of I!

I missed all of my Engineering Orientation classes because I used a scheduling program in a different timezone to create my schedule. This was before the school’s registration program would check for conflicts, and when we were still responsible for registering for all our first year classes. When I set the timezone on my computer to the one my school is in, the scheduling program shifted all my appointments by an hour.

Now first years students tell the computer what sort of engineering they want to go into, and they get a schedule.

I’ve also missed a few classes/deadlines because a schedule said Tuesday Month/Day, where Month/Day was not a Tuesday.

I actually did miss my first class once. It was an eight am class and I totally slept through it. Luckily, I had just registered for it the day before, so I wasn’t on the professor’s roster yet. I was good and went every other day of the semester.

Also, ZZZ, I love your sig. It makes my inner (and outer) math geek smile.

Everyone in my major had to take both Advanced Tatting and Scrimshaw 210. There was one section of Tatting, and two of Scrimshaw. On the third day of the fall semester, I left the afternoon session of Scrimshaw and went into the cafe. A girl of my acquaintance responded to my greeting with “You missed class this morning!”

“What class?..Oh, Scrimshaw? No, I just came from there…Yes, there’s two sections.”

Heh, it wasn’t until the end of my first term of university that I realised I was supposed to go to lab classes for my astronomy course (one of the subsidiary modules I was taking). I’d been to the lectures, but for some reason I had never put the lab classes on my timetable. I failed that part of the course, unsurprisingly.

ZZZ, is the large letter supposed to be a sigma (summation)? I see a pi. (If not, please explain! I’m wondering if it’s just a cross-platform character mapping issue or something.)

I’m not ZZZ, but I am a junior mathematician. Using a large pi like that is similar to using sigma notation, but instead of summing the series, you multiply it. I’m assuming it’s what ZZZ meant to have show up.

I missed my first day of class yesterday. I thought it was today. All mechanical engineering distance education classes have started on Wednesdays for the past two years. Bullocks, I tell you! I also missed my entire first day of classes as an undergrad. Something about mixed drinks, with wine as the mixer.

Yup, that’s what it is supposed to be. Would you believe that I chose the name so I could use that joke. I thought Xander eXtreme Xanthan would be a little pretentious.

If that’s the worst thing you do you’re OK.

Now, if you show up for your Diff Eq final on Thursday only to find out it was on Tuesday, well THAT may be a little trickier :smack:

I once spent an hour in the library studying for an organic chemistry exam that was at 10:00. About 9:50 a classmate walks in. “How’d you do on the test?” he asked. “But…uh…isn’t it at 10:00? Huh?”

Yeah, little thing called daylight savings time. I missed the whole freaking exam. I ran to the classroom as everyone else is turning in their tests…explain everything to the professor, and he graciously offered that I could have an hour to take the test then and there. Nice guy, only problem is I had another exam for another class that was supposed to happen right afterwards, which it was now time to go to. So I had to turn down his offer.

Except, happy ending, Organic Chemistry was one of those classes required for Biology majors, except so many biology majors Just Didn’t Get It, because Organic Chemistry was soooooo hard that he had a policy that out of the 4-5 exams for the class you could throw away your worst exam score. So…I took a zero on that exam knowing I could throw it away. I got an A for the class, BTW.