I must have pissed off the major appliance Gods.

Good lord, what next.

Started three weeks ago. Right before my Mom was coming to our house to watch our dogs while my Wife does a triathlon. Lost an element in the hot water heater. Not too big of a deal, but the thing is only like 3 years old. Discovered a TON of sediment in the bottom. Dammit. I’ve got TWO filters on the incoming water. Now I gotta play that game.

Came back from the race to discover that our cloths washer is leaving long grease streaks on the cloths. Wonderful. Rushed out and ordered a new set. So, I need to get busy and finish installing the outlets in the addition since that’s where the new washer & dryer are going. The electrician stubbed every thing in, but this final bit has to be done after the drywall was hung.

Out of 18 outlets, only two have power. The ceiling lights work, all the breakers are fine but there is no power at the boxes. :mad:

Great. The electrician says he will try to come Thursday.

Next on the list? Dish washer turned tits up last night. Won’t drain. Came close to flooding the kitchen. Spent the better part of the evening hand washing the dishes and bailing out the grey water.

Oh, almost forgot. The power vent on our gas infloor heat water heater seemed to be running for a looonnggg time last night. That’s odd… hmmmm… waters not hot either… Luckly, that was just a reset on the automatic pilot light (so far, I have my fingers crossed).

I wonder what I will come home to tonight.

And of course my Dad is coming for a visit this weekend.

My (now deceased) Dad would have fixed all of this, grumbling about the “damn kids, can’t take care of the littlest things…”, but happy as a pig about the chance to be useful. Any chance your dad is the same way?


He’s getting up there in years. But we are all very handy. I designed and built the addition. The only think I didn’t do is the wiring.

The cloths washer was kaput (we where planning on replacing it in the fall). I may be able to fix the dishwasher. I’ll pull the pump out tonight.

I hooked up the 220v for the clothes dryer, so that should be OK. Just have to ‘unwire’ the old one and make the switheroo at the breaker. The other outlets are a real mystery though. Like I said, I tested all the breakers (not just flipped them) and all looks fine.

Dad may ride into town with me on Saturday to buy a new dishwasher if I can’t fix it.

Any idea what causes this? Is there any way to fix it? My grandmother’s washer does this, and it’s annoying as hell. I’ve ruined many a pair of pants and sheets with it.

That’s often a symptom of a failed grease seal on the machine’s transmission - grease works its way up and out of the gears via the agitator driveshaft.

Fixable? Maybe. Worthwhile? Maybe. The problem is that if grease has left the gearbox, there’s a good chance that water has moved in to fill the space so you’re probably looking at replacing the transmission. It’s usually not financially sensible to do this.

**enipla ** - same goes for dishwashers. Does it circulate and spray OK? If the washing is good but it won’t drain, the pump is probably just fine and you’ve either got a clogged drain hose, a bad drain solenoid valve or the timer’s going out. If the machine’s more than 5 years old, it will quite possibly be faster and cheaper to get a new dishwasher, especially if the problem is in the timer.

Are there any GFIs among those new outlets? Also, how many circuits are we talking about here? 18 outlets is too many for one circuit by abut twice as many. In general practice, the limit is 8 on a 15-amp circuit and 10 on a 20-amp circuit. Code actually allows 10 or 13, but most electricians de-rate this a bit.

Wasn’t sure if there was a seperate pump for draining, and yeah, I’m going to check the drain line. It just about 5 years old, so if I can’t easily fix it, I will probably replace it.

A licensed electrician did the work. And it has passed inspection. There may be 1-2 GFI’s as one is probably near enough to a sink.

I didn’t check how many circuts, there is a seperate one for the infloor heat, and then probably three more.

Heh. Phones are out.

Thanks. I’ll pass that along. Nice to finally know what it is!

If it’s any consolation, I have had to replace a water heater, oven element and switch on the washing machine that past week.