I must stop bothering the puppy

But she is soooo cute.

I posted last week how I got a pregnant female sibe in. She gave birth Thursday to one (only one!) female puppy.

This is her here.

She’s doing very well, vet says she’s healthy, but her big problem is the human (me) wants to be holding her every 10 minutes (the mom doesn’t seem to care one way or another). I’m trying to be good, and only touching her if she crawls off the blanket. But it’s hard!

I can’t wait until she’s a bit bigger. :slight_smile:

Dude, I just sat here and went “Awwww! Lookit the puppy!! Puppy! Puppypuppypuppypuppypuppy!!! Ohhh!”

I am such a dork.

But she’s so cute!! Puppy!!!

And picking her up and letting her lay on your warm chest would be a bad thing because…

Very sweet. :slight_smile: Congrats on having such a healthy cute little puppy.