I must stop Windows 10 updates. How???

Please read my thread over here about my display issues when mirroring to my TV. All were caused by the Windows 10 update that I COULD NOT STOP!

I fixed it for now by rolling back to the previous version of Windows 10. Yep, my mirroring issues were fine once it rolled back the update.

I now live in fear that at any moment, it will update itself again. I see zero way to stop windows from updating itself when I reset, but it ruins my ability to mirror when it does it!

Please tell me there is a way to stop this thing from updating! I just want everything to stay as it is!

I am on Windows 10 Home

Stable version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

Computer: HP 17-bs019dx

It’s already downloading the update!!!

It knows I rolled back, but is already downloading the new update again!

Click on Start, then Settings.
In the search box, type Update.
Select Windows Update Settings.
On the lower right, click Advanced Options.
Hopefully, you can change the default setting of Automatic to something else. I’m on my work computer here, so I’m stuck in the land of greyed-out-boxes and can’t get any farther than seeing that screen; there seem to be options to defer upgrades and choose how updates are delivered.

Hope this helps; in the long run, it probably won’t. Windows isn’t designed to not update.

Nope, they don’t allow it to be turned off.

I am literally willing to delete ANYTHING to make it stop. It’s ruining my computer.

I don’t know if it still works, but it used to be that you could set your internet connection to a “metered connection”, meaning that you have to pay for data on it. Windows 10 used to not install updates over metered connections. I don’t know if they’ve changed that or not.

I will try, but I also just did this and…I think it maybe stopped?

Use services.msc to disable update

Stop your futile battling windmills of trying to stop Windows updates – they will do so eventually. (And you need the updates – there is a major security bug that will be fixed in the next Windows update.)

Instead, spend your time fixing the actual problem – the problems in the mirroring stuff that you are doing with your display.

Set your internet connection to show that it is a metered connection. Windows won’t automatically download on a metered connection.

Using some tool (e.g. Fiddler thought that’s probably overkill) blacklist the domains Windows’ updates use.

I don’t think this works 100% any more - it did when Win10 was first launched (and I guess if anyone still has a completely unpatched Win10 installation, it still will, but I believe that metered connection flagging is now regarded as advisory to the update process and it will still try to get critical updates eventually.

The problem with automatic updates is that quite often they end up causing a problem that you can’t fix.

I have no idea if the mirroring issue is one of those cases where there is nothing that will fix it after the update, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. I’ve run into plenty of things like that over the years.

I know this is not the advice the OP wants to hear - might even seem like threadshitting - but I agree with this position.

Forging ahead is hard, sometimes painfully hard and occasionally costs money, but it is usually eventually possible, whereas in every case I can think back to, holding back leads to more serious problems downstream.

Stopping updates is more reliably likely to cause unfixable problems later, IMO.

In Windows 10, pretty nearly the only way to control the update behaviour is to have the computer on a domain and use domain administrator controls to manage these settings and the deployment of updates.

You need the Pro version of Windows to do that, so it’s not a solution for the OP’s request. The consumer/home versions of Win10 will fight very hard to get updates done, because Microsoft has decided that home users cannot be trusted to make (what they consider to be) the right choices for themselves.

I had browser problems, can you help how to fix it?

Try turning it off, then back on.

Or, y’know, you could describe the problem just a little bit.

Microsoft provide a tool to block individual updates. Follow the instructions here or here.

You can say that again, even so something as minor as deciding where you want the icons on your desktop. I would put them where I wanted them, games here, tools there, ones used not so often at the top, avoid a particularly interesting spot on the wallpaper, and the next day they’d be back to where Windows thought they should be, some random order bunched up on the left side of the desktop. Even with that, with each update the random order changes so your favorite client or game is no longer where it used to be.

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