I need a CD of bagpipe music!

I was at Pub Quiz night tonight. Round three is always the music round. The table next to me was full of people wearing kilts. I joked with the MC of the quiz before it started that I thought he was going a live music round with bagpipes…and he said he wasn’t sure he could find 10 songs of bagpipe music suitable for a quiz.

I’m confident that the 'Dope can suggest something. Does anyone have a good CD suggestion of bagpipe songs that would be recognizable for a Quiz? Maybe renditions of pop rock, or metal, or songs from movies, or something?

I’m perfectly willing to buy something (at a reasonable cost…maybe from Amazon…) for the joke…but I’d love to present the MC with something at the next quiz.

(The music round typically involves him playing music from a CD, and us having to list the artist…or the album it came from…or the movie it was popular in…or the name of the song…)

In case it matters, this takes place at an English Pub, and the MC is English. Most of the participants are American.

We have three weeks, including shipping time…so…GO!

Check out Rufus Harley. He plays jazz on the bagpipes. The only pop tune I know that he does is Bobby Hebb’s Sunny, but it’s pretty much unrecognizable.

Try this Google link

I once saw them, and the Coldstream Guards, perform in Topeka, but that was so long ago I got the record! But I did go out with one of the guys afterwards,

Instead of traditional, you could go the other route… perhaps something by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Here they are performing Smoke on the Water and Thunderstruck

Top 10 Bagpipe tunes.


I thought these were banned by the Geneva Conventions?
Actually I kind of like pipes. Please don’t tell anyone.

Bad Piper’sflaming hot version of Thunderstruck.

Check out a band called Clanadonia. Here is their song The Egyptian.

Here is their webpage.

Thanks all. The Chili Pipers seem like they might work - it needs to be music that people will recognize, but with bagpipes. I need to go through the songs (and the others listed here) to see how recognizable the bagpipes are.