I need a Foot Pedal for my computer--where can I find them?

You know, I figured using two limbs just wasn’t enough when it comes to using my PC, so I want to get my foot in on the action. I’ve seen them before: small foot pedals you toss on the ground and stomp with your foot to perform an action, such as “Print Screen” or some such. However, I’m having a hell of a time finding what I’m looking for–do they go by any other names?

And any particular ones you guys would recommend?

Put your mouse on the floor.

Seriously, back in the 80s when the first Macs came out, I was working at a small graphics company owned by two guys whose collective IQs added up to double-digits. One of them decided to try the new Mac, but had a hard time controlling the foot pedal. I think his call to the helpline actually became an urban legend.

Well, I need my mouse on the desk so I can use it–can I connect 2 mice at once? Thing is, I’d have to assign the click it to a specific keyboard key–can that be done?

Well, you could buy the video game Rock Band, which comes with a drum kit complete with foot pedal. The Xbox 360 version, at least, has USB connectors, so hooking them up physically should be a snap; the hard part, I reckon, is coming up with software that’ll recognize it and perform the actions you want.

It’d be pretty cool to drum your way through a work day, though.

They go by “transcription pedals” “foot controls” or “assistive devices”

Have a look at these random samples:


There are a bunch at Amazon.com. I was thinking of the type that can be used in driving games to simulate an automotive foot pedal and they have those, along with some that can be used as a mouse.

They had them at thinkgeek.com, at least at some point. Check there.

I have this: http://www.footmouse.com/

I got it when I had carpal tunnel, and I still like using it to click. I never got the hang of the directional (mousing) foot, but there’s two functions on the other pedal.

We came up with a foot pedal to duplicate keyboard functions at the last OrlanDopeFest.

Darn those disabled folks, beating us to it!

I have an antique sewing machine that’s powered by a foot-treadle. You just sit there rocking your feet as you sew. I guess you could rig one of these up to your computer, and save electricity.

IIRC, thinkgeek.comcalls them “boss buttons” (as in the boss is coming, so you stomp the button and it launches the spreadsheet program so he won’t know you’re surfing the Dope).

Thanks guys for the info so far. I’m surprised though that they’re so expensive. I know I’ve seen some small, silver pedals that only have one function. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Oh, and thanks panache45, but my only concern with the boss buttons is that it looks like it’s not really meant to be pressed repeatedly, which is what I’d be doing.

Stealth Switch.

It was Tuckerfan who gave the clue about the boss button. Panache45 was the one who wanted to save the environment and your electric bill.

By the way, nice name. Drive one, or like the song? :slight_smile: