I need a FREE survey site with UNLIMITED questions

I’m trying to post my survey (for my project) on Survey Monkey. It will only allow 10 free questions. Mine is about double that. I don’t have a credit card, so I need a site where I can create a scientifically valid survey, of unlimited length, for free.

Is this a project for a class? If so, can you ask the instructor for suggestions?

What is the topic? The first question you should consider is whether it is possible to create a scientifically valid survey.

Couldn’t you post two 10 questions surveys on Survey Monkey, each under a different User ID?

Consider using Google drive forms? They don’t have a plethora of survey options, but do allow unlimited questions.

chris-A “friend” suggested google document. How would I distribute it? Purple-The prof suggested SM. She’s kinda scatterbrained though, IMO.

Probably the easiest way is to choose the ‘Go to Live form’ option once you’ve built the form, then copy that URL and then email it to the people you want to fill in the survey, or link it from another website/blog/whatever.

It’s been a while since I did this myself, but I don’t remember it being hard, just a little trickier finding the answers than with SurveyMonkey.

TY very much chris!

Just created it! Created link on Facebook.

How do I access my results?

So, um…how exactly did you propose to your research advisor that an internet-based survey that you put on Facebook is scientifically valid? Do you have a control population, randomized sample or something up your sleeve?

By “scientifically valid” I meant random. Was probably using that phrase imprecisely. BTW, found my data.

Pretty sure surveying your Facebook friends doesn’t meet the general definition of a random survey, but if it satisfies your prof don’t see how it hurts me.

I agree with that.

Me, too.

Well a web survey is not going to be random anyway.

To be truly “scientific” you will need to include some face to face interviews.

Not sure if you’ve figured this out, but…

There should be a spreadsheet in your google drive associated with the form. As survey results come in, they’ll automatically fill in the spreadsheet.