I need a good free blog publisher for my youth group.

I have been trying to set up a blog for the youth at our church through blogspot, Google’s blogger. It is frustrating me to no end!

Can anyone suggest a good blog publisher where people can post only after initial approval by a moderator and where, once you have registered, otheres can comment on the posts? I guess almost like a mini-message board.

Any help?


(no obviously Christian smilies)

:wink: How about deadjournal?


What about compromising, and find a link for a journal community expressly designed for the living dead? It would combine the best of Livejournal, and the best of Deadjournal. In other words, a disaster. :smiley:

P.S. I believe what I posted about Deadjournal is true of livejournal as well, since they use the same code and design.

Deadjournal does use the same (open source) code as livejournal as do a few other sites that I’m aware of (gotdiary, aboutmylife, greatestjournal.)
I expect any one of those would do just as well, I’ve just been incredibly pleased with livejournal.