I need a hug

Yikes what a week. I lost my job, my self-esteem has taken a beating and my good name has been besmirched.

Now today I had my first encounter with a real live nasty little troll. (see sig)

Somebody hold me.

[sub]whimper [/sub]

{{{{{The Mermaid}}}}}

I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. :frowning:

Have another hug.
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Not to worry. Worse things happen at sea. Oh, shit, you’re a mermaid. Hard luck, then. :slight_smile:

Well, I suppose things can only get better? I’ll work on making that sound convincing and get back to you on that. Seriously, it’s terrible about your job, but wouldn’t you have been more worried about the treasure-hunting weirdo if it had liked you?

{The Mermaid}

Trolls are annoying little pustules on the back of the SDMB. Sometimes they rupture, causing others to get temporarily covered in . . . well, ickiness.

Not to worry, however, as I brought Quik Wipes so you could clean yourself off. And a bong for that crack.

{{{{{Iampunha}}}}} Thanks for the wipes, I feel spring time fresh now and well… as for the bong, well I really never touch the stuff, not anymore anyway, but I guess just once couldn’t hurt. OK who’s got a lighter?

Someone far more intelligent than I am once said, “When a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.” So…

(((((((((((((((((((The Mermaid))))))))))))))))))))))

I’m sending happy thoughts your way. :slight_smile:

Just a word of advice for your self-esteem, Mermaid – lose the sig as it is. You don’t need to constantly remind yourself of the [bleep, bleepity, bleep-bleeps] who think it’s a big yuk-yuk session kicking people such as yourself.

Put something on there that reminds you of what a really cool person you are. Regardless of any dreks that cross your path.

To you, I bestow my first-ever virtual hug.

{{{{{{{{{{The Mermaid}}}}}}}}}

Peace and happiness to you.

Mermaid I have sympathy, that venom came out of left field, and it can be pretty unsettling to attract that kind of attention , even if it’s on a message board.

it’s happened to me, too (when I first got here), and made me lay low for a while. But things like that, when they do happen get resolved quickly here - both other posters and mods quickly step in and say “hey poppypants, stop that” or things even more threatening.

I remember, too, your storys about the job and what happened there, you seem to have inadvertantly sprayed “attactajerk” on.

But, fear not - people do hold you in high esteem.

(by the way, didn’t you have specific folks at your prior employer who were in your corner, as it were? is it possible to use them as the contact person for the next job app?)

anyhow, keep in mind, if nothing else, I have friends in [sub] low places[/sub] who can be called on for help.

I am nothing if not resiliant.

This Colorado turd didn’t upset me in the least. I thought he was just kind of pathetic. I actually was * trying to offer some advice to him to stop acting like a jerk and try to play nice with all the other kiddies. My sig line is just a ploy to get other dopers to read for themselves what a dick he was so they can avoid him in the future. I would have to actually * care about a person to let their nasty remarks hurt me. I figure every behavior has a reason and God only knows what is up this guy’s ass. As they say, he’s got issues. He’s a piece of foul-mouthed human garbage but he is not my problem. I will waste no more time or effort on him.

Now I am truly upset about being stabbed in the back by someone I trusted. But, in reality, I set myself up for that. I was less than truthful regarding why I left my first job; I didn’t tell an outright lie but I didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth either. I will chalk this up as a hard lesson learned and move on. I have no doubt I’ll find a better job with little effort. I really am a very skilled and knowledgable nurse with lots of experiance and usually better common sense. I will be more forthright with my next employer and take whatever may come of it. If I find out who did it, I will thank them for getting me out of my contract without having to pay back my $5K sign-on bonus. After I bitch slap them, of course.


(((The Mermaid)))

Best prayers and positive thoughts coming your way from my little corner of the world.



Now relax, take a hot bubble bath, read a trashy novel, eat some chocolate, and enjoy.


I need a hug too…

Can we hug each other?

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You can’t give a hug without getting one in return…

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////The Mermaid\\


----:)/ x o x o x




and because you were twice as nice

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Thanks all of you. I really do appreciate your kindness.

Now I think I’ll take msrobyn’s advice but instead of reading a trashy novel, I’ll try to reinact one with my dear hubby.

Oh dear it seems I only have chocolate syrup on hand. I wonder if I could find anything off which to lick it?

Holy Smokes, honey!

You have a husband who loves you?

You are so much luckier than me that I bow to you.

Who cares about a job when you have a dollface to hold you?

But thanks for the hug. And more backatcha.


As a real Coloradan, I thought you might like to know we are hunting that skunk down and cancelling his residency. But trust the more rational members of the state’s population. You’re invited anytime.

And we always need educated and attractive women to get jobs here. It’ll sort of make up for the illiterate and crudy male you have already met.

-this word just in…“A small troll looking creature carrying a shovel, pick, metal detector, two rifles, three hand guns, handgranades and a Barbie doll was just seen near Grand Lake, Colorado. The bispected, sloping-foreheaded young person seemed to be wearing tin foil around his head to protect himself from gamma rays being emitted from Alpha Centuri. While he was hopping around, it is belived by those who came near enough to hear that he was shouting something about being cursed by a mermaid. More news as it comes in.”

Once again, the population of the Centennial State apologizes.

Take care of yerself, Mermaind. I know you and I haven’t really addressed each other at all, but I felt sad when I first read about you losing your job.

I hope things pick up more successfully for you up ahead.