I need a LEGAL job. Suggestions?

Oh, what a pickle. The end of the semster is racing towards us like so many bowling balls (for lack of a better metaphor), and here I am, still unemployed for the summer. The summer between 2nd and 3rd year of law school is critical, as it raises questions in an employer’s eyes if you haven’t been employed during that period. And I need to pay the rent. AND I’m too busy studying for finals to even give a hoot. (It’s not as though I HAVEN’T been looking, but the market’s down and I’m from an unaccredited law school, so my appeal has a serious lapse already.)

So…does the infinite Doper wisdom have any answers? I’m specifically looking for work in either SE Michigan or SE Pennsylvania, if that helps. Mafia work might be ok.:smiley:

Look for ads in the local legal newspaper.

Check your school’s career center.

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Go to www.martindale.com and find every firm in your area. Look at each firm website, if any. Send them a resume and cover letter, and be sure to (1) specify the name of the contact person; (2) specify what area(s) of practice interest you at that firm; and (3) include a writing sample and/or transcript if requested.

Actually, before you send a resume to every firm in your area, call the firm and ask if they are accepting resumes for a law clerk.