I need a Metal Gear history lesson (Spoilers)

I just finished Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and I was left a little dumb founded. I understood everything that happened in the game, but they obviously made references to other games. Unfortunately, I’ve only played this one and the first one on the PS1. A couple questions (I don’t think theres any spoilers, but I’ll put some that I think could be seen as spoilers in boxes);
How many Metal Gear Solid games have there been? I know theres at least one for the NES, but I don’t know the whole story behind that one.

In which game did Snake fight against the human version of the Ninja in the PS1 game?

When is Snake referred to as Big Boss?

[spoiler]Who’s the Director? or Mr. Director?

Who are the Sons of Big Boss?[/spoiler]

Can anyone give me a timeline type thing about Snake and his missions after 1964?

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Gamespot’s History of Metal Gear. Read up.

The two Metal Gears for the NES come first (actually, the second one released in the US doesn’t count. MG2 was released in Japan on the MSX, and it’s in the canon). Then comes Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2, (the GameBoy MGS fits between them but doesn’t affect the story), and while MGS3 take place in the sixties it answers a lot of the questions of the others. The story didn’t get complicated until Solid.

In Metal Gear 2 (the Japanese one). MGS 1 should have a short summary of the game (I know Twin Snakes does). Before you ask, Twin Snakes is the same story of MGS1.

Snake in MGS3 becomes Big Boss. He takes the codename at the end. Naked Snake in MGS3 is not Solid, Liquid, or Solidus Snakes from the other MGS’s, who are clones of Big Boss.

At the end of MGS3? The Director of the CIA. Which means that Ocelot was working for the CIA to infiltrate the GRU, but is also a Philosopher agent infiltrating the CIA.

Solid (the hero of Metal Gear 1, 2, MGS 1 and 2), Liquid (the villain of MGS1, and phantom villain in MGS2), and Solidus (ostensibly the villain in MGS2). They are clones of Big Boss as part of the “Le Enfants Terrible” project to continue the genes of the greatest soldier in the world. Most of this is laid out in the third act of Metal Gear Solid 1.

Big Boss forms Foxhound. Solid isn’t born until 1972. :smiley:

Freejooky’s link probably explains it just fine, but I’ll be damned if I’m deleting all those brackets!

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Naked Snake in MGS3 is not Solid, Liquid, or Solidus Snakes from the other MGS’s, who are clones of Big Boss.


I’m of the opinion they also mixed the genes with Boss from Snake Eater, although that’s just me. Liquid Snake though he was the “weak”, recessive son and hated Snake, but as it turned out, Solid Snake was apparently the weak recessive one; perhaps the point was simply that it really didn’t matter at all.

Which means that Ocelot was working for the CIA to infiltrate the GRU, but is also a Philosopher agent infiltrating the CIA.

Wierdness, partly MGSolid2 problem:

[spoiler]Ocelot is apparently working for everyone, and is inflitrating everyone. he then reports his findings to everyone. I have no idea who pays him, except possibly everyone. In fact, he’s probably going to offer me his services someday. Ocelot is sort of like a cheap whore in a small time - everyone takes him for a ride and pretensds they didn’t see the other guy going to see her afterward. In MSG2 he’s working for for like, three sides at once. And he has a magic arm.

You see, after MGSolid1, Liquid wasn’t actually killed, even though he was blown up in a chopper, crashed in said chopper from 10-stories up, shot with multiple missiles in the head, shot with several hundred rounds from a mounted .30 machine gun, and had a heart attack. See, his arm survived and Ocelot used to replace his. So Liquid can, like, possess Ocelot and stuff. Because its his magic arm.[/spoiler]

Of course, with all their wierd psychic powers and stuff, I fully expect zombie ninja mutant Big Boss in Solidus’ Godzilla Armor to come crawling out of the grave someday.

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Hold on a second, you’re telling me that;

Naked Snake is Grey Fox? The FOX opperative who later turned against his own team? Who would become the Ninja in later MGS games? The super soldier who’s genes were used to create Solid, Liquid, and Solidus? This story has more twists then Chubby Checker in a tornado. Are we to assume that Naked Snake turned on the unit because of how the government used him to kill the Boss?

Did I miss anything?

[spoiler]Naked Snake is not Grey Fox. Naked Snake is Big Boss.

Grey Fox becomes the Cyborg Ninja.[/spoiler]

Alright then, what happens to Big Boss in later MGS games?


Big Boss is already dead in MGS. Haven’t beat MGS2 or played 3 yet.

I think you kill Big Boss at the end of the first game. He’s both your boss and the guy helping the terrorists.

Never played Solid (from what I’ve heard, it’s really complicated and a radical departure from everything that came before), but as someone who owned the first game and played the hell out of it, I have to comment on this.

The whole thing about stealth and sneaking in the shadows and avoiding confrontations etc. was true only when Snake 1) didn’t have any weapons and 2) wasn’t yet recognized as a threat…i.e., for a VERY SHORT period at the beginning of the game. Thereafter, guards would always show up without fail every time he entered almost every room, and no amount of sneakiness would prevent this. Just because it wasn’t as bloody as Time Crisis didn’t mean that there wasn’t a helluva lot of killing going on. I also find the comment that charging in guns blazing (which was the only choice in a number of places) quickly led to a Game Over laughable; I found the suddenly-opening pits to be a vastly greater threat, not to mention accidentally killing a prisoner (had to be really careful about this against Coward Duck) or equipping the wrong item for a certain dangerous area. In fact, the common foes were always the LEAST of my fears; they did piffling damage and were very easy targets for my Baretta.

There were at least a couple of tricky puzzles, a definite order to get things done, lots of important items to obtain, lots of layouts to learn, and in general a lot of trial and error (if you had any idea how long it took me to get that friggin’ rocket launcher… :slight_smile: ). It still was plenty violent and had far more action than numerous other NES titles. Don’t let the clumsy attempts at revisionist history fool you.

Not sure why it’s so critical that Snake’s Revenge be excised from history; if you ask me, this just shows that some folks take the franchise way, waaaaay too seriously. I mean, does it take anything away from Solid Snake as a warrior and hero that he at one point had commandos under him?

Couple other tidbits:

  • Vernon CaTaffy is mentioned in the instructions (and even given a little bio) but doesn’t appear in the game. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist, of course; he’s just a very minor character, most likely a puppet for Big Boss.
  • You do not, at any point, confront the Metal Gear; what you destroy is the supercomputer which controls the weapon. I thought this was a beautiful touch (much more so than any “stealth gameplay”), the idea of ending a threat to the world that you couldn’t even see.

And then, when better technology came by, Konami took it to the next level, and the rest is history.

(P.S.: Please don’t ask about Contra…after Shattered Soldier, I’m not touching that one with a 200 meter pole. :wink: )

I’ve only played the first game as well, but I thought that there would be some guards in a room and you’d only be swarmed if a camera saw you.

“I feel alseep”.

Now that you mention him, CaTaffy(what kind of name is that?) doesn’t really figure into the game at all.Though, I think that in the MSX version, you actually do get the fight the metal gear, either before or after you blow the computer.

What about contra? Do you mean that the games don’t really have a timeline?