I need a new alarm clock

My old, trusty atomic alarm clock recently decided to ignore the “alarm” part of its job description, so I’m in the market for a new one. I’m having real problems finding the exact clock I want, and my specifications aren’t terribly unreasonable (I think). Here they are:

  1. Must be set by the atomic clock radio signal.
  2. Must be permanently backlit (meaning I should be able to read it in a pitch-black room without reaching over and pressing a button.)
  3. Must be digital.
  4. Must have a fairly loud alarm.
  5. Must not be a large, bulky, combination radio-cd-toaster that takes up half my desk.

I can find clocks meet any 4 out of these 5 specs, but none that pass all of them. Any ideas?

Congratulations! I’d say you’ve got some real patent possibilities there! Design said clock and secure it before someone else reads this post!