I need a slug trap or slug barrier

I’ve found a couple slugs in my apartment in the last few weeks. I have sprayed my apartment barrier for insects and spiders, and that stuff works well but it doesn’t keep the slugs out.

So what can I do to keep them out? most of what the stores sell are slug poison. I don’t really know if I want that, a slug getting into my apartment and then dying a few days after being poisoned doesn’t help me. Is there some spray I can spray around the perimeter to keep slugs out, or some trap I can use to catch them when they get in?

I only know the Urban Legend, but apparently if you put beer in a saucer they drink it and then drown, maybe try that?

check your heat pump.
There may be a hole in the wall, behind it. (An unwanted hole.)
That’s where my occasional issue came from.

If you know where they’re oozing in from, you could lay some copper tape - apparently the copper vs their slime is electrifying and unpleasant, so they won’t cross the copper. It’s most often used on plants and tree trunks, so look for it at nurseries. You can also find copper scrubber pads at the grocery store if they’re coming through a hole. Same with the tape - they touch the copper and get a non-lethal zap.

It is a bit expensive, and if you know where the slugs are getting in, you may as well fix the holes.

I think they get in through the patio. The door is closed, and I thought I sealed all the holes but they still get through.

I have heard of the copper tape, but can’t slugs just climb walls? Can they climb brick? if so, they could get around the copper tape.

There’s slug and snail bait (poison) you can get to sprinkle around the perimeter outside. It’s at any gardening store, or Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart.

I used beer in a saucer when they were infesting some of my flowers, and it worked quite nicely.

Could ring your building with salt. Would keep various magical creatures at bay as a bonus.

Wont that wash away with the rain?

Another vote for the saucers of beer. My only problem was in keeping my dogs out of it. They are lushes whenever they get the opportunity.

This is asking for opinions so I’ll move it to IMHO.

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