I need a tea cozy

So the cooler season has begun and so I’ve started drinking tea more often, but I have a new teapot (usually I make tea by the cup) and no tea cozy. Anyone know where to get such a thing that isn’t lame?

I’ll make you one. Just get me the dimensions of your pot.

Seriously? That would be awesome! (Most of what I find seems to look like a giant oven mitt with chickens on it or some similarly hideous thing)

It’s this exact teapot which says 8 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches.

Thank you so much!! (could you do colors that went with the pot? That pattern is what our dishes are as well and that would be so cool if it all coordinated)

Do you want money for it? At least let me pay shipping

I’ll either knit or crochet it, so it won’t look like a chicken (UNLESS I MAKE IT LOOK LIKE ONE MWAHAHAAA). I don’t know what I have around for yarn, lemme get back to you on that. I’ll do my best to match the colours.

I’m going to assume that the measurements listed are length, width, height. There are several patterns online for tea cozies, I’ll just follow one of them.

If you remember where you saw the hideous ones with lchickens, would you let me know?
Horrible chickens make me laugh and i could use a tea cozy myself!

I have some of that Spring green. I need a measurement of the circumference, and from the bottom to the spout; then the top of the spout to the top of the lid.

there were several… here is one, here is another, this one will give me nightmares, then there are endless variations on this theme

Can’t top a hand-made one, but http://www.devotea.com/ makes really nice ones in a gajillion fabrics. They’re quilted with insulating fabric on the inside, so they keep the pot warm for a looong time.

A tea warmer works very nicely as well.

Now I’ve got to get a teapot just so I can buy all of these chicken tea-cozies.

THe last three had me laughing hysterically. I don’t want them in my home, but wow, the kitsch factor!

How 'bout Etsy?

Maastricht, thank you so much for that link. I was looking for a Poulin necklace for my friend, and I had lost the site. Many many thanks :slight_smile:

Just wanna say, Hi Opal, I miss you!!!

I miss you too! Are you still going to help me come up with a wedding dress?