I need a translation of the German phrase 'öffentlicher Arm"..public face of ??

I hope someone can help me translate the German phrase 'öffentlicher Arm"…public face of ??

I look forward to your feedback

Context? The whole sentence would help. I see Google turns up a book wherein a stray space has crept into “öffentlicher Armenpflege” (= “public care of the poor”).

Es gibt dieses tolle Buch “Die Rockefellerpapiere/Die Insider”,das
Gary Allen bereits 1976 geschrieben hat und in dem er die “Strukturen”
und Hintergründe der NWO beschreibt, welches z.B. auch Alex Jones “auf
den Trip” gebracht hat.
Dort entlarvt er den “Council of foreign relations”(CFR) als den
öffentlichen Arm der Bilderberg Gruppe. Wenn man dann noch weiss, dass
Joe Biden (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) und Dick
Cheney(Director,CFR)dort “Funktionäre” sind dann, na ja, ich weiss

What’s wrong with ‘public arm’ ?
public wing is one alternative

Given the context, “public face” would be ‘more English’. Blahblahblah was set up as the public face of the Bilderberg Group.

It’s a matter of collocations, of word pairs which usually go together in specific contexts. In English you can say that an organization is another one’s “political arm” or “public face”, but the cross-combinations are a lot less common.

I got you. One thing to note is that in this case “entlarven” doesn’t mean he set up Blahblahblah as a public face of the Bilderberg Group, more like he exposed it as such.

Danke. Me bad, should have looked up the verb.

Thanks Nava and DPRK. Very helpful.