I need a Wireless USB network adapter

I have an old Mac G4 cube to which I can’t run cable in my new house. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what brand I should buy? I just bought a new Airport Extreme for my wireless router.


Wireless USB adaptors don’t play very well with Apple Macs, both in my experience and according to lots of sources I read while I was trying to get my USB wireless adaptor working on my Mac.

I would recommend either getting a Network client bridge (I have a Linksys WRT54G router running DD-wrt, configured as a client bridge), or an Airport Express - which I understand can be configured in a similar way - wireless bridge to your router, providing a wired ethernet connection for the computer.

I inherited an ancient iBook G3 dual usb notebook running OS X 10.4 and spent a lot of time trying to figure out a wireless solution. This particular machine has an internal cardbus airport slot that will only fit the long time discontinued airport card. I tried the ASUS wl-167g and after a bit of futzing around, managed to get it to work fairly reliably (I’m not a Mac guy, at least since about 1999). It works pretty crappily on youtube streaming video, but seems to work reliably otherwise. This old Mac has slow usb 1.1 ports which probably compromise the performance. Upon googling, it appears that the G4 Cube has the same usb 1.1 ports (and apparently the funky airport internal slot), so you may have the same problems.

You can download OS X 10.3 and 10.4 drivers from ASUS. I’m not sure if Leopard is supported just yet. Read the reviews on Newegg and you can see that people have had mixed results.