Silly Question about Macs

So I have to take MIL computer shopping today. No problem. Except for one thing, she decided she wants a Mac. Now I don’t have a prolem with that at all, but as I told her, I know NOTHING about Macs at all. Since all she want’s is something to check her email and surf the internet on, I get the feeling (if it’s anything like PCs are these days) that it won’t matter which one she gets.

Anyways, here’s my question. Will a Mac connect to a Linksys wireless/wired router or do I have to get one of them Airport thingies?
If I do have to get a Mac’s version of the router, will I be able to wirelessly connect a a Tivo (read: PC) to it?

Airport is just Apple’s name for 802.11b/g/n. I’ve been using macs with linksys, D-Link, NetGear wireless routers without issue. You’ll not have a problem.

Thank You.
I assumed there was a standard between the devices, just wanted to make sure.

I just got a new iMac. I have it hooked up (wired) to my Linksys router, and have it networked (wireless) to my old Dell PC.