Mating apple and pc wifi

D-link 624 router. I Mac G5 with airport card. I can get a signal from the router but cannot connect. Apple tells me that everything seems fine, they know nothing about dlink and I should get an airport router. Dlink says they know little about apple, it should be working fine, and to call apple. Anyone have any advice on how I can get these two machines working together so I can get on the internet? I am just getting a runaround and am not pleased with the idea of spending $250 for the airport router. Plus, when I get it, if it doesn’t work with my pc’s it’ll just be the old runaround again, apple saying they know nothing about pc wifi, dlink saying they don’t support my apple router. I am very pissed and frustrated.

What do you mean by it “doesn’t work”? Are there any error messages? Are any other machines on the network able to communicate? How is the router configured?

I can’t really help you from here because I don’t have all of the details I’d need. But until someone else comes along, I’ll just offer you the encouragement that (1) it can work, and (2) you don’t need to purchase the Apple branded router.

So, tell us about your Mac network settings control panel settings to get started.

I can personally verify that Macs do work with PC style wireless router. Powerbook and Thinkpad both connected to a Linksys router. You might be having trouble with encryption, I did. Wound up going unencrypted, but limiting access to the router to the 2 MAC addresses for my computers. Give it a try on the most open setting you can, then go from there.

No encryption. No error messages. The airport symbol on the top right off and on has two to four bars, showing it is connecting to the router. Both dlink and apple say they have no idea why it will connect but will not communicate. Like I said the apple tech (actually two of them) suggested I buy the airport router, a suggestion that really pissed me off. Two pc’s work just fine with the router I have (dlink 624). The router is configured to assign an IP address. The imac does not work when I either manually put in all the correct numbers, or when I us DHCP automatically.

In despiration, I bought a dlink usb wireless adaptor for the imac, I couldn’t get that configured, even with dlinks help, and now the airport card won’t turn back on. Perhaps the best thing is to just return the iMac. The apple store people promised me it would work with third party routers, but honestly apple tech support is not very supportive, and dlink does not work with apple enough to be of help either, unfortunately.

Check to see if the router has “Short Preamble” enabled. It is on the Performance button, under the Advanced tab. If it does, try changing it to “Long Preamble”.

Thanks, but that was one of the two things that dlink did tell me. That, and to get rid of the double (108Mbps ) option, both of which I did.

Do you mean the Super-G setting? That should be set to Disabled. The vendor-added extensions to the WiFi specs tend to be incompatible with other vendor’s hardware, no matter the vendor (Linksys gear would likely experience issues attempting to work on a 108mbps mode D-Link access point, for example). Also check to see if your router has the most up to date firmware.