I need an automated way to email tweets

I have an account that does occasional tweets. Maybe two to three times per week. The purpose is to say whether a service is up or down. People can follow the Twitter account, but some people just don’t like Twitter. I have a Facebook account that echoes the Tweets, so people can use that, and the service’s webpage shows the Twitter feed too.

There’s a Yahoo group that emails the status of the service about once or twice per week. It was something someone setup once and manually emails the group. It hasn’t been as active as it should have been, and I now have taken over that Yahoo Group.

My absolute preference is to set things up, so that when I tweet the status of the service, an email is sent out to everyone who subscribed to that Yahoo Group. Many people don’t want to be on either Twitter or Facebook, but still want these automatic notifications.

There are lots of roadblocks I’ve hit. One is to get whatever I am using to be a member of that Yahoo group. I’ve tried IFTTT which has a Tweet to Email webapp, but the email address is the one I used for IFTTT and not the Yahoo Group. Besides, IFTTT keeps sending out all sorts of junk emails I don’t want the Yahoo Group to get.

I could move the group from Yahoo to another mail list service, but I’d like to avoid that if possible. I have a feeling many of those users ignore any emails from that list except for the service updates. They’ll suddenly find the Yahoo group going dark and suddenly are confused what happened. However, if I must leave Yahoo, I will do so.

Another solution is to have clear and easy set of instructions for users to setup their own Twitter to email service – like IFTTT. However, IFTTT can be difficult for a novice user to use. There’s no simple way to go directly to the webapp and configure it. Plus, you have to go back into IFTTT and turn off all of the other notifications.

So, what is out there? Googling email to twitter gives me way too many Trump results and few actual still working solutions.

Anyone else has done anything like this? I have a feeling that I’m trying to keep a Stanley Steamer up and running while Tin Lizzies race all around me. Email lists are so 20th century. However, there are still plenty of people who don’t want to have either a Twitter or Facebook account, and I’d like a way they can get these notifications.

If you’ve already tried IFTTT, then you’ve exhausted my suggestions.

There are sites that will get a particular Twitter account and convert it to an RSS feed, but:

  1. That would only work if these status messages were the only thing on the Twitter feed
  2. I don’t know how to go from an RSS feed to a Yahoo groups email

What if you configured your email account to get email notifications from Twitter, and then used a filter to forward those status tweet emails to the Yahoo group?

ETA: never mind it looks like Twitter doesn’t do email alerts anymore.

Could you turn it around with IFTTT? Rather than a formula to email a Tweet, set up a formula to Tweet an email? So you control the email and IFTTT puts it on Twitter?

How may users dislike Twitter enough to refuse to use it? This is the kind of thing I’ve run into doing IT support - it always seems to be a very small number of people who insist that they just can’t use the same solution as everyone else. It’s usually not worth the hassle of creating a special solution for them unless your job depends on it.