I need an example of a "lefty" website parallel to this "righty" one.


For purposes of explaining signs of non-credibility in a politically neutral manner, and because I must use the above website due to the context in which this is coming up, I am looking for a roughly equivalent lefty website.

If you disagree with me about the above site being non-credible, this is probably not the thread for you.

If you think there is or can be no such thing as an equally non-credible lefty website, this is probably not the thread for you.

But what if there isn’t? There are some terrible left-wing sites (HuffPo), but not quite as nutty as this one, politically anyway. Usually when I see batshit liberals on the internet, it’s food-related. “GMOs give you cancer” or whatever.

Even if you could find a mirror-image site content wise, it wouldn’t be an accurate parallel because the lefty version would be a marginal figure with no public visibility, no influence, and no following except for a handful of commenters on their blog. Pam Geller gets to be on TV and speak at conservative conferences. John Bolton refused to grant interviews to major media outlets like the New York Times, but he sat down with Pam Geller for an interview after being named Ambassador to the UN.

How about http://www.billmaher.com/?

Are you looking for simple left wing craziness, or specifically a lefty who is crazy on the topic of Islam? From what I have seen, anti-Muslim craziness isn’t a big thing among the left right now (though there are lefties in the atheist community who don’t like Muslims any more than righties do). However, my observation has been that Social Justice Warrior craziness is much more popular with the fringe left currently. So if it doesn’t have to be specifically anti-Muslim, I would recommend rooting around in the Social Justice Warrior world for some juicy rants about how cishet white males are scum and need to die.

For example, there is a whole community on reddit where people post quotes that have been stripped of identifying info and you have to guess from the rhetoric whether it came from a white supremacist or a Social Justice Warrior. I think that is a nice way to demonstrate how craziness crosses all political boundaries.

Maybe just take the given web site posted by the OP and do a global search-and-replace, changing all occurrences of “Muslim” or “Islam” with “Christian”. ?