I need clipart of a street/highway sign...

and for whatever reason, I’m not finding what I want when I google it.

All I need is the basic black/white line design of the type of highway sign that directs you to a town or exit. (A sort of tall rectangle rather than a narrow long one like you’d find on a street corner.)

I suppose I could draw it, but I want it to look a bit more authentic. If it had a nice directional arrow, all the better.

I have to dl it to Publisher and can take it from there…any ideas?


For which country? Here in the US, those signs are white on green.

If this is what you had in mind.
You can search Google… find several like this…

No…I think she means like this, right?

SignMaker is a neat web based program that allows you to make official looking signs, complete with state route markers. Java must be enabled. You can’t save directly, so just take a screen shot of your work and open in any editing program.

Would these be helpful?
(The first two have several pages each, so poke around.)