I need emergency tuxedo help! EVE! You'll know this!

What does a tux from the 50’s look like?

Single-button, single breasted?
Single-button, double-breasted?
Shawl collar, notched collar?
Cumberbund, vest (high front with back, or low front with no back?)

Help, help, help!

I tried searching for the history of the tux, but all I got was promotional stuff that explained how it originated. (Plus one comment about plaid jackets and the advent of color TV.)

Glad to help, dear—tuxedo jackets are ALWAYS single-breasted and one-button. And I need not mention they are ONLY black?

The only real “Fifties look” would be huge boxy shoulders. Other than that, the classic look hasn’t changed. Shawl or notched collar are both fine. In a dull silk, not shiny satin.

Never, of course, wear a vest AND and cummerbund (whose folds should always be facing upward). For an amusingly Fifties look, you might go for a bright, garish cummerbund: plaid or something like that. With—though this is de trop!—a matching bow tie. Fifties pants were also wide and baggy. Remember—the only permissible pants decor is a silk (not satin) seam down the outside of the leg.

Here’s what I know:

It’s a cummerbund, not cumberbund; and when you wear it, the pleats face up – like the siding on a house that’s been turned upside down.

Here’s what I think:

50’s tux = single button, single breasted, shawl collar with a cummerbund.

Evie, you are so speedy – slipping your post in there and making mine look so shabby and old. Oh well.

One more thing to add, though. For that real Fifties look, you want to get one of those ribbon-like bow ties that’s only about an inch top-to-bottom and about four or five left-to-right. And none of this clip-on crap. Learn to tie a real bow tie and you’ll be a man, my son.

Thank you Eve, you’re a doll!

(You too stuyguy!)

We’re going to Teatro Zinzanni ( http://www.teatrozinzanni.org ) tomorrow night and we’ve been ordered to dress up.

One couple is doing a kid of ‘Glory days of Vegas’ thing, another is doing ‘Flapper and Gangster’, Mark and I are doing ‘Hollywood in the 50’s’ and the other couple is, well who knows.

I did okay, but not great and it’s too late to change it.

I went with a single-breasted, notched collar (no satin, just silk). I went with a two-button (against my better judgement) on the advice of the sales-person.

I also had to nix the cummerbund because, frankly, my husband is too fat to wear one. I did get one of the older style vests tho’.

I’ll have to make him drink Martinis all night. Should he carry a walking stick or something?

Thank you for the help you two!

(BTW, I’m going for a Jane Russell look myself. All breasts. :smiley: )

Make sure to take lots of pictures!!!