i need help finding this thread(s)

I’m certain it’s been discussed before, I’m just not having luck with the search this morning. Any threads out there with this battery powered work out? I’m talking about the thing Bruce Lee uses in the movie Dragon. You put these hospital-like suction cups on your muscle and it sends electric current to give you a work out?

Is it one of these?:
Dr. Ho’s electric muscle gizmo
Physical Therapy Question: Is “Electrical Stimulation” the Bunk?
Can electric shocks condition muscles?
Electronic Ab Stimulators: Do they work?

Yeah, thanks bud

BTW; If you’re having trouble with the SDMB search, another possibility is always www.boardreader.com - there isn’t a 3 letter limit there and their search engine is mighty fast (I guess their server isn’t bogged down with a huge stack of users trying to post. Just be sure to include straightdope in your search parameters; boardreader indexes several message boards.