I need help modifying the Agora shopping-cart script. (PERL)

Okay, this is a lame begging thread, but I’m not terribly adept (read clueless) when it comes to PERL and I’m having a hard time with a couple of fairly simple things.

I’m using the free Agora shopping cart script here to set up a little web store.

Two things are irking me:

One: The links on the front page (When the script is first called) stubbornly remain blue. Modifications made to the store_header.inc file work once you start browsing, but that front page remains a problem. Where do I find what I need to change to change the font colours for it?

Two: (Slightly more complicated.) This store is selling antiques and curios, so each item for sale will be one-of-a-kind. (Or at least one-in-inventory.) How can I take the quantity field out of the form and just pass on a value of “1” to the script?

This is where I’m at now. (Please don’t submit any ‘orders’ though.)

Any help would be appreciated. You have no idea how much!