I need help with my geography homework

Okay, not really–I just don’r understand the question. It says, “Draw the three basic states of behavior representing stability of the atmosphere, using a mountain as a frame of reference.” So I’ve gone through my notes a thousand times, and I can’t find any mention of behavior and stability in the atmosphere. I tried emailing the prof., but he’s a visiting prof. from another school, and is impossible to get in touch with. And unfortunatly, I don’t know the last names of anyone in my class, so I can’t email them. I tried doing a search engine search, but since I really don’t know what I’m looking for, that hasn’t been much help.
Could someone just interpret the question for me? Does it have something to do with atmospheric lifting mechanisms?

Try lateral thinking. If you don’t understand what stability means, what would instability mean in reference to the atmosphere? And what might mountains have to do with it?

Sure, try dropping some of that into a search engine to narrow it down to specifics, I got this:
Atmospheric stability is a major player in summertime weather. An unstable summer
atmosphere tends to fire up showers and thunderstorms while a stable atmosphere
usually brings sunny skies. Upper-level disturbances or cutoff lows often drag cold air
into the higher altitudes over a particular region. Cold air above warm air causes the
atmosphere to become unstable with heavier, denser cold air on top of lighter,
less-dense warm air. If other conditions are favorable, severe weather and tornadoes
can form. An unstable atmosphere does not necessarily guarantee rain because a
trigger, such as a cold front or afternoon heating by the sun, is usually needed to initiate
storm development. On the other hand, a stable atmosphere does not guarantee a
sunny day. During winter, warm air often overruns cold air at the surface. This creates
a stable warm air over cold air condition. However, such overrunning causes most of
winter’s precipitation.


Oh ferchrissake handy, how is she supposed to LEARN anything if you just hand her all the answers?

>> I need help with my geography homework

Ok, here goes: Yokohama is the capital of Japan but only up to a certain point.

Chas.E, I dont think that I answered her question just hinted into what area to look. I hope. Anyway, if she gets “A” we know who she can thank.