I need movies about a teacher helping underprivileged kids. The more patronizing/cheesy the better.

My best friend recently (this fall) started a new job teaching remedial students at a public school in a very poor urban area. Suffice it to say that he has some frustrations about his job and has been venting to me about them. So, because I possess a bizarre sense of humor and I am a wonderful friend, I have been posting trailers of movies that deal with this subject matter on his Facebook in order to inspire/amuse him. Yesterday it was Dangerous Minds. Today it was Stand and Deliver. Tomorrow it will be Finding Forrester.

Unfortunately, I’m running out of movies. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head for Sunday is The Substitute, but that’s really more about a teacher killing underprivileged kids rather than helping them. So any ideas? I want to keep this going as long as possible.

Freedom Writers

Music Of The Heart

Edge of America

Up the Down Staircase

When you run out of movies, you can use a clip of Welcome Back Kotter

ETA: forgot about Lean On Me

To Sir with Love
Blackboard Jungle

High School High

Stand and Deliver is the quintessential example of this.

It’s more about a Coach, but Wildcats, starting Goldie Hawn.

Long forgotten but very good:


1974 - John Voight from a Pat Conroy novel. Music by John Williams.

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPKzYIs5bDg

Sister Act 2

The Ron Clark Story

There was also a Southpark episode in which Cartman teaches kids in an inner city school how to cheat.

Summer School

Waiting for “Superman.”


Isn’t that the one about the evils of teacher’s unions, and how how the world would be abetter place if only it were easier fire teachers? I am not sure it will be much appreciated by an actual teacher.


To Serve Them All My Days is not about underprivileged kids, but it is a cheesy story about the wonderfulness of the teaching profession.

Only The Strong: it’s like To Sir With Love with kickboxing.

The Principal, starring Jim Belushi and Lou Gossett Jr.

Best I could do:

Billy Jack:

Good Morning, Miss Dove:

Forbidden Zone–Not a trailer, but exactly what you’re looking for!:

Renaissance Man has Danny DeVito teaching underprivileged army recruits the joys of Shakespeare.

Is he doing this so he doesn’t have to pay back his student loans?