I need my Yahoo IM! HELP!!

I’m not so sure anyone can help me but I must try.

I was given a new computer at work yesterday, which is great and all but I cant seem to get my Yahoo Instant Messenger downloaded. The computer wont let me. When I try to run the download a message pops up saying: You do not have access to make the required system modifications. Please rerun installation from a administrators account.

Anyone know a way around this with out talking to my IT guy?? I dont really want to go to him asking him to help me access something that takes away from my work. However, I NEED this- IM and Straight Dope helps me get through work.


If you have a thumb drive you can download the program to that disk from another computer, then take that to work with you and run it from there.

What a great idea! I couldn’t figure out what to tell her.

I’ll have to check that out XJETGIRLX, thanks for the idea!


Just a friendly thought from an IT guy: It is likely that running unapproved software on your computer at work is highly frowned upon. At most companies it will get you written up if not fired.

Your computer admins locked you out from installing new software, trying to get around this is NOT a good idea. They are doing it for a reason, most likely people ended up infecting the computers.

I don’t know about Yahoo Messenger but I know you can run AIM from a browser.


Yahoo has a web version. It’s much scaled-down and not guaranteed to work all the time, but if you go to yahoo IM’s download section, and scroll all the way to the bottom, there’s a tiny link that says something like “Launch Web Messenger.” Click on that and you can use IM without downloading anything.

It doesn’t work for me all the time, or for long periods of time, but it might work fine for you depending on your company’s firewalls and such.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to install from the hard disk of the machine itself, or from a thumb drive (or CD or floppy); if you are not administrator, it’s not going to install.

They probably don’t give you access to make those modifications because they don’t want employees using work computers for instant messaging. Most companies would prefer to have their employees working on their computers instead of what they see as goofing off on company time, so they disable programs like that.

Does your boss know you used to use Yahoo IM before? Was he/she okay with that? Before going to IT, I’d check with the boss. Just to be safe.

Yeah, the powers to be (president/owner) wouldnt be keen on the idea of me using Instant Messenger but my boss knows I do. Infact he had it on his computer for awhile as well.

Thanks mlerose, the web browser version works just fine for me! This way I dont have to defy anyone- well, that is, with them knowing about it at least. :wink: