I need plastic beams!!!

      • I am looking for a source of (small quantities of) some plastic materials to construct with–mainly extrusions. Sheets are not a problem, I have sources for those. McMaster-Carr has some assortment of shapes, but not a whole lot, -and so far that’s the ONLY place I have found online that sells them. In particular it’d be really handy to find somewhere that has plastic I-beams about 1-inch square or so end-wise, but the only sources of that I have found were very small and made of polystyrene, which is good for miniature modelling but not really structural-grade. I’d want polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon or similar. I have looked at modelling toys, but none were really ideal. Anybody know anywhere?

Building supply stores (but not necessarily the DIY Home Depot kind) should carry plastic lumber for decking and deck railing. This is similar to the recycled plastic park benches you see sometimes.

Not sure whether that fits your needs, but something to consider.

I’ve seen structural fiberglass/composite beams but none as small as what you’re talking about. Could you use another shape like an angle or a channel? Are you actually going to use it to support a load or just in a model?

Anyway, here’s Structural Fiberglass, inc. and strongwell. I also don’t know how easy it is to buy small quantities. I’ve done a limited amount of fibergalss design but it was for a large scale water treatment plant.

Tap Plastics is a popular store in this area for all kinds of plastic building materials. My husband purchased a few things from them (they have a store here in town) when he was making modifications to the cabin of our boat. He seemed pleased with the quality of their items and the service in general.

So, are these 1920’s style plastic beams? :eek: